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  1. I'm getting ready to buy my plane ticket and the likes as well. I'm thinking I might end up booking at the Bexelyheath Marriott or the Bexely Holiday Inn. Found a couple of dicount packages online for those two. -Jon
  2. Owen, I'm in. I've made up my mind and I'm not missing out again. See you gents in May! -Jon
  3. Well, there goes my plan of buying a power hammer this year, LOL! Any reccomendations on affordable hotels? -Jon
  4. Guys, I know I don't say too much on here, but I couldn't pass this up. Forgive me, but I've found that reading this post is uplifting to me. Especially what you had to say, Dave. It's nice to know I'm not alone in feeling those things. There's countless times over the years, where I've forged something in my shop and thought it looked amazing. Then I hop on here and the things I've seen a lot of you make...well...in some cases, my dreams can't even measure up to them. In the end, I realize that I have so much further to go. I realize that this journey is so much longer than I anticipated. Eve
  5. Unburned propane. Most propane forges aren't tuned very well. Especially home made ones or the ones you buy on the cheap. They'll still work, but efficient they are not. Some of the fuel escapes the forge and doesn't get cooked off. Either way, carbon monoxide is a very real risk. Better to always have a vented shop. Also, my first shop was just a cheap 15-20lb anvil and small charcoal/coal forge that I used outside in the backyard. The few tools I had, 2 files, a hammer and a pair of channel locks for tongs; I used to keep them in a bucket in the garage until it was time to forge. It wasn't
  6. I know your frustration, Dave. I got hit with the furlough as well...although, I used that time to spend in my shop. A couple of 16 to 23 hour days. It was glorious. Absolutely glorious.
  7. Looks like it was an incredible time. And Matt managed to get Christian Tobler there, as well...I missed out again.
  8. Chris, you're totally rubbing it in, mate. GRRRRRRRR!!!
  9. Someone was asking me to make some 17th century French trade knives once. But he wanted them based on a specific piece which required me to get ahold of some English boxwood and I couldn't find any. Had to turn down the project. That being said, I could definitely use some if you still have any extra on hand. Hit me with a pm with your price and shipping details.
  10. It was suggested to me that I should take my spanish red and mix it with about 10% oats or ground oats and some water. Smooth it out into a sheet about a half inch thick and let it dry. Afterwards, break it up and into small chunks. I was having the same problem. The SR was blowing out all over the place. After my first smelt, the yard behind my shop looked like mars. And the shower I took after the smelt left my bathroom looking like it was made of red clay. -Jon
  11. I'm checking my finances for next year. I'd love to attend all of them, but I doubt that'll be a possibility. Might be able to do one or two, though. Like the Damascus class and the euro steel making class. Let me crunch some numbers and with any luck, I'll be sitting in your classes next spring with a notebook in one hand and cup of coffee in the other.
  12. Crap! I have work obligations that weekend. Sounds like its going to be an incredible event.
  13. LOL! That's awesome, sir! And a beautiful piece of work.
  14. Hey Dave. Yeah I got back from the desert a few weeks ago. Got off the plane and bought a house. Should be moving in next week. Just a heads up, Dresden is available on audio. You can download the audible app for your phone, from amazon and download the books from that. It'd probably be a nice break from Hunger Games.
  15. Well said, Alan. For the first five years after I started forging, I really didn't sell my work. I'd usually only ask for about $40 (for materiels, fuel, grindin belts, etc), that's if I didn't give it away. I was all too aware that I had a long road ahead of me, trying to learn as much as I could. Before I left last year, I found that not only was I able to pump out blades faster, but the over all quality had greatly improved. So I've become a lot more comfortable about charging for my work. Now I can guarantee that the work is sound and that I can most likely put together something that's al
  16. Looks like it was an all around good time.
  17. Wow, thanks for all the advice everyone. Ric, I have to say, I like the way you think. That was very well said. Owen, I've actually set a stop watch in my shop before. Just to see how long it takes me, on average, to knock out some of my regular pieces. I had kind of wondered if anyone else really did that before. I never really considered doing it for anything other than satisfying my own curiosity. Once again, thanks for all the advice, guys! -Jon
  18. Safe travels, boss. Can't wait to see what your new setup looks like.
  19. Dude. Jesus...Dude. This is just...wow. Give me a few minutes to get my wits back and I'll have boat load of questions for you. Seriously though, wow.
  20. Luke, mine is...ok. I need to clean up the brass a bit. Is there any chance you have a closer view of your carving?
  21. Lol, no worries, Mark. It looks so great, it's worth a second look. -Jon
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