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  1. Mark, no ones knocking the press in anyway shape or form, buddy. Just curious. I can't wait to see the finished product. -Jon
  2. Mark, I'm seriously drooling over this project. Seriously man, I don't like to throw this word around TOO often, but EPIC!!! I was planning a similar project. Decided to teach myself how to work the bloom by starting off with a simple friction folder. Did you use a hydraulic press or power hammer? Or did you do this all by hand? -Jon
  3. As I said, Luke. No carving or anything special. Just started teaching myself carving last night.
  4. I just finished up a whittling knife the other day as well, Luke. I love the work you did on your handle, though. Nice carving work.
  5. Nice, Mark. I'll be getting ready to knock out another smelt later this summer.
  6. Ok, so I've been wondering how exactly do I reach a good solid price for my work? Is it based on man hours + materiels + tool use or something? Or is it just based on the finished piece?
  7. After the first weld, where I compacted everything, I only did one fold after that. After that, I just worked it into its final form, then heat treated it. As a folder, there is some aesthetic design flaws. Next time I make one (this one is obviously not one for sale as it was purely for experimentation purposes only) I'll put more focus into the design process and maybe some carving as well.
  8. Alright, back from "The 'Stan" and into my shop. I did a little experimenting with some bloom fragments and managed to produce a small, very simple friction folder. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.667640236596568.1073741827.271538029540126&type=1
  9. I know I've been here for a about two days, but I'm still extremely stoked to be home. ...I'M HOOOOOOOOOOME!!!!!!
  10. Thanks guys. Just made it to the shop to do some preliminary cleanup and take stock of my tools and available steel. Got to see my dog for the first time in a year. Best dog ever. Got everything setup, I'll be heading back in the next day or two to just knock out a simple knife, to get to me bac in the swing of things and then I attack this project like a rabid badger! Can't wait to get started. Pics to follow soon! -Jon
  12. Looks great Dave! I'm looking forward to watching it this year. - Jon
  13. Beautiful work, man! Love the details with the rune work. Will you be making a matching carved handle? -Jon
  14. If you get the chance, (you know, whenever) could you let me know where you picked all of that up at? I'm going to watch AF 2013 and if it looks like something I can do, then I'd like to look into purchasing the equipment.
  15. I am very much looking forward to this. I'll be following this WIP closely, as well as looking forward to seeing AF 2013. -Jon
  16. Great photos, Jared! I'm excited to see the rest. -Jon
  17. Wel here goes my idea. I hope you can forgive the rough sketch. I'm doing this with my flashlight and a crappy mechanical pencil. But enough excuses. I'm figuring the vine one the socket will be riveted in place. Not through the shaft, just through the socket wall. The leaf will be riveted to the base of the spear head by use of one to three copper rivets and blended into the leaf shape. The spear head itself will, hopefully, have a decent hamon. I just felt that would add a nice look to it. Any comments, suggestions, critques and likes are more than welcome. -Jon
  18. Jon Stormm

    My piece

    Well, I'm still not quite sure what I am going to make. But I have a month or so before I get back to my shop. So thats plenty of thinking and planning time. I've done a bit of research over the past two days and I think I'm most likely going to go for a spear. I like the two at the far left. Or something along these lines I'll play around with my sketchpad as time permits. I'd like to push myself on this project, but TOO much as I haven't been able to spend any time in my shop in the past year. Happy forging all, -Jon
  19. How did he get that shade of color out of the copper? I have a decent amount of copper in my shop but haven't used it. -Jon
  20. Wow, dude. Just wow. That looks...well, sexy (yes. I did just refer to a sword as sexy) What metals did he use on the furnishings? Is that copper? Amazing work, Mike. And Dave, thanks for posting. -Jon
  21. Awesome job, Mike. Can't wait to see more!
  22. September deadline? Well, if you guys don't mind, then I'd like to participate. I'm in. 1. Dylan Holderman 2. Troy Christianson 3. Robert Burns 4. Fred Crislip 5. John F. Ellis 6. Freya W. Ward 7. Daniel Johnson 8. Nate Runals 9. Kip Kaiser 10. Rob Toneguzzo 11. John Page 12. Petr Florianek 13. Luke Sorensen 14. Jonathan Creason 15. Kevin Hopkins 16. Hloh 17. Nate Bocker 18. Ron Hoy 19. Pieter-Paul Derks 20. Dion Grethen 21. Luke Shearer 22. Derrick Phillips 23. Ryan Stevens 24. George Ezell 25 Matthew Parkinson 26 Zeb Deming 27. Raymond Jewell 28. James Gray 29. Jon Stormm
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