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  1. Good to know, because I have a bunch of it sitting around in my shop (as long as no one has moved anything while I've been gone) for this summers smelt. This actually puts my mind at ease about the outcome. Thanks, Dave! -Jon
  2. While it's a real pain to deal with (not speaking from PW experience, because I'm ever so slowly teaching myself that skill) the one thing I don't mind about extra grinding, is that I save all the steel dust and shavings and store them in a bucket. Most of what I work with is carbon steel anyways, so the shavings will just be added to my next smelt. I'm not sure what problems that could create, but I'm definitely willing to find out. -Jon
  3. Oh, please tell me you're doing this as a WIP. As for suggestions, I'd love to see this with a tooled leather wrapped grip. Maybe with some bronze wire at either end to tie the look together. Whatever you decide, I can't wait to see what you put together. Happy forging! -Jon
  4. Are you aging the blade after tempering or instead of tempering?
  5. Wait. You keep bee's, Yul? That's awesome! We need to talk when I brew my next batch requiring honey. More than happy to pay for it. I just prefer to use as much all natural ingredients as possible...tastes better!
  6. Now, I've boiled horn before, but I had only used water. What does the vinegar and veg oil do? Does it help prevent splitting or something?
  7. Jesus, you're speaking my language!!
  8. Agreed. I need one of those in a bad way.
  9. I have to agree with Alan. Beautiful work, man
  10. The hamon almost matches the ironwood. Very nice work!
  11. Where is Peter's theory posted? Here, or can I buy a book? I would love to study up on it.
  12. Can't wait to see it finished!
  13. Merry Christmas to you as well, Dave! Can't wait to see this piece.
  14. Hey, where did you secure your NY magnetite from. I'm from the Rochester area and didn't have much luck finding any local ore. I ended up just buying a bunch of spanish red iron oxide from an online pottery supplier.
  15. Jim, I just got a copy of youe DVD in the mail the other day. Absolutely brilliant. You made it look easy. I showed it to a few of my buddies out here and may have got a couple more people interested in the world of smithing. Well done, Jim!
  16. And for Fidelacchius, I'd reccomend using bloom steel or something to that effect. If your goal is to stay true to the books, the sword of Faith is described as having water patterned steel. Which is common amongst Katanas forged from tamahagane. Can't wait to see your designs!!! :Dsrc="http://forums.dfoggknives.com/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif">
  17. I've been working on the same project for awhile now. I haven't been able to put hammer to steel though, as I'm currently half a world away from my shop. For Esparracchius, I went with an early frankish sabre design. Which is totally different than what Derundal is said to be. I wish I could post some pics, but either this isn't letting me or I just can't figure out how to use the editor now.
  18. Whatever the price for the DVD, I'll pay. I got to see a few of the lectures during the summer and I'd say the content on there is priceless. Can't wait to see it!!
  19. Wow man, thanks! I've heard of soaking the SR in water and letting it dry to allow it to clump up a bit, but I've never heard of mixing whole wheat flour before. IRON COOKIES!!...and carb friendly too! I can't wait to give that a try.
  20. I only have about 10-15 pounds worth, so far. My gear ways around 90 lbs so 10-15 extra isn't much of a difference. I figure I'll collect as much as I can carry (or as much as customs will allow me to carry) and mix it in with some Spanish Red Iron Oxide that I have lying around in my shop. Add that to the stuff I collected with a magnet from my last smelt (that stuff blows around like crazy and dyes everything and everyone, red) and throw in the slag I collected from the last one as well. Should be a fun time. I'll of course brew up another specially made beer for this smelt as well. I have a
  21. Dmitry, what do you use to make your own crucibles and whats the process? I'm very interested in this as I've been thinking about it for the past week or so.
  22. UPDATE: I'm still in Afghanistan for another 200 days. But I now have a small collection of ore from New Mexico, the Tarin Kowt area near the Helmand Province, Kandahar and some more I've found up in the mountains of the Zabul province. I can't wait to get home next May and knock out another smelt. This time I'll have a bloom made from entire adventure. Pshhh-and some people collect post cards. I'll post an update if anyones interested on coming to this one, if you're in the area. There'll be homebrewed beer, steel in the making and whatever else I can think of between now and then.
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