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  1. Oh we definitely need a homebrew section. In my shop, I actually have homebrew on tap. There's nothing better than taking a break and throwing a steak or two on the charcoal forge and kicking back with a well made glass of homebrewed beer from your own tap and smoking some good pipe tobacco.
  2. Very nice, man. And the photos came out great. I can't wait to see the finished product!
  3. And Happy Birthday, by the way.
  4. Best of luck, Sir. You and your wife are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything goes well.
  5. Glad to hear you're ok, Alan. About 5 years ago, when I started out, I had a set of steel tongs. I was so new and still teaching myself, I didn't know that you couldn't quench steel tongs. One day, I was in the backyard forging out a knife. I took the billet out of the fire and as soon as I hit it with the hammer (with too much force, I have to say) the pivot pin sheered and the billet went flying up into the air. Without thinking, I dropped everything, let out a loud "battle cry", dived over the pinic table and crouched in the same fashion I would if in response to a mortar attack. Moments la
  6. Jim, I don't think the producers made what Ric did, look easy. I think Ric just makes it look easy.
  7. @ Mick, you can preorder it on the PBS website. I ordered it the day they aired it. And yes, the release date is 23 OCT.
  8. Jule, the link worked. PBS, fortunately, supports the troops out here. I was only able to watch the first 32 minutes due to the slow connection out here (it took 3 hours to get that far into it) but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT! I can't wait for the DVD to make it out here. Ric, absolutely incredible job. Thanks for doing that project.
  9. Jule, I'll give it a try, but the internet sucks out here and most videos I can't watch because of the area of the world I'm in. Hopefully it'll work, if not, well the dvd should be here in the next month or two. :-)
  10. Nevermind, just found it for sale on shoppbs.org! It won't ship until the 23rd but I'll just have to tough it out while following this thread.
  11. Does anyone know if this episode will make it to DVD? I've been following it and dieing to see it but I onlyhave AFN out here. If it's available, I'm buying it.
  12. I know you're gonna get a lot of DVD requests, Dave, but I'd greatly appreciate it if you could put me down for one. The digital thing won't work for me out here. Amazon and the likes don't allow people in this region access to their instant videos (even if I bought it back at home in the states)
  13. Oh, now that is just the most beautiful sight ever!
  14. Yeah, still deployed. I don't go back home to NY until the end of May, next year at the earliest or may of 2014 at the latest. But yeah, those books are the best, I got hooked on them during my last tour. One of the projects I've been messing around with and dreaming about, is the three swords. I'd love to create a set when I get home. I've done a bit of research on them, the only one that's proving to be a problem, though, is Amoracchius. Figuring a 5th or 6th century broadsword might have been a little hard to come by. But with a little creative licsense, I might be on to something. Just see
  15. You named your mastiff Mouse, Dave? You read the Dresden files, don't you? :-)
  16. Wow, Myles! Out-friggin-standing! And you're saying that's your FIRST?!
  17. Any idea of the dimensions of this piece? I'm messing around with a similar design. Ive been reading the dresden files and I'm working on designs for the three swords, Amoracchius, Fiddelacchius and Esparacchius. The one I'm stuck on is hinted to have been made during this time period.
  18. Wow, Jesus! You shipped that out fast. I got the DVD today and immediately watched it. Absolutely amazing, packed with a lot of info and different techniques. Well done, Jesus!
  19. In the end, I just found it was easier to order on Amazon. I just hit the one click one day delivery and buy cob the next day it's sitting at the front door of my shop and I didn't have to waste the gas of driving all over town trying to chase down a bag. :-)
  20. Thats what people keep telling me, but I kept stopping into the Lowes and Homedepots around my house and none of them carried it and the employees had no clue what I was talking about. The only place bearby that I could find was a small garden shop, mom and pop style, but they keep weird hours. They're only open while I'm at work.
  21. I almost bought the black iron oxide the last time, but it cost considerably more and I was hosting a large event at my shop at the time so I had decided to go with the red to save a bit of money. I'll have to give the black a try at some point as well.
  22. If you need vermiculite, you can find it on Amazon.com
  23. I think I'm going to give this technique a t.ry. I used powdered ore in my last smelt and left the compound behind my shop an interesting shade of red. Plus my bloom wasn't as dense as I would have preferred.
  24. And most people out here, are using giant chunks of ore as lawn ornaments.
  25. YES! I'm very excited to see this.
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