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  1. Well, I just tried to order the DVD, but Paypal refuses to recognize North Ft Hood as a city.
  2. If only I had the time. I've already given it some thought.
  3. So I'm in the mountains of New Mexico, south west of Albuquerque, for high altitude training before I leave the states. The other day we were doing dust landings and when I stepped off the ramp, I found a bunch of rusted rocks. So, naturally, I grabbed a bunch and stuffed them in my pack. When we got back to the airfield, I pulled a hammer and magnet from the tool kit and cracked them open and tested the dust with a magnet. Gentlemen, we have iron ore. Lots and lots of iron ore, just sitting there. If I were headed home after this, I'd fill up a whole chinook with as much as I could get, but t
  4. Thank God for Amazon Instant video. I bought of there, downloaded and got to watch only a few minutes later. Great job, Lee!
  5. Thats looking awesome, Dave! I'm taking notes. I can't wait to try out that fuller jig technique when I finally get back home.
  6. Petr, I absolutely love this piece. Thanks for walking us through it....and now I want to see more. MORE WIPS! The people demand more WIPs!!
  7. Well, here it is. I finished the sheath on Monday night and shipped it out to its new owner this morning. I have to admit, I was a little sad to see it go. I had so much fun making this piece.
  8. Last summer I recieved an email from an old family friend. She had seen some of my work on facebook and asked if I could make one for her husband. I did it as a freebie because they're the greatest people ever and I wanted to push my skill level even further. Also, as her husband is known for being an avid knife collector, I felt honored that he'd want to add a piece I made to his collection. Well, here it is let me know what you guys think. Be brutally honest, I can handle it. It's a 5160 blade, edge quenched and oven tempered, with a brass guard, brass pommel, some spacers, some l
  9. Thanks for all the well wishes on my up coming tour guys, its greatly appreciated!
  10. HAHA! YES! I know who he is. His book, "The Complete Bladesmith" was the book that got me started! WOW! Thanks Jim, I really appreciate it. I never knew you were in the military, and a colonel, no less! Wow! Thanks for your service, sir! I've got just under thirty days before I take off and I can't wait to get back into the shop and see how far I can get on this project. -Jon
  11. Thanks for the heads up, Geoff. I was't paying attention when I posted those. Anyways, problem solved. Dave, yeah I free handed the fuller in. I looked at your thread on that Oakshott type XII, you're making, and for starters that looks like an amazing piece of work man, WOW! I also noticed the set up you had for grinding the fuller. Is that what you were referring to? Unfortunately, I'm not so certain that there's enough material left to grind away. I'll have to get that setup in my shop for when I get back. And to answer to question, I'm in the Army and yes, I'll be headin
  12. Seriously loving this piece. Awesome job, Serge!
  13. Hey all! It's been a little while since my last post, so here's what's been going on in my shop. As I'm about to deploy again, I'm running short on time and decided I'd like to take a shot at sword forging before I had back out to the sandbox. I wanted to get a better idea of the process before I continue forging down the bloom of steel I smelted late last summer, so I used a piece of 5160. As you'll clearly see, I've made some pretty bad oopsies, feel free to point them out and hand out advice. I've got thick skin and won't learn very well any other way So now, I'm going to push throug
  14. Lol. Jake, I'm at work, and everyone just saw the pic. HILARIOUS!!
  15. Kevin, no the blade was actually forged from 1/4" stock and I didn't forge it real thin. When I sketched out the design, I just felt more attracted to the smaller bevel (although the bevel was supposed to be a little bigger...I just got carried away)
  16. Sounds like a fun weekend. And I can totally agree with him about the 550 cord.
  17. Next time I do it, I'll be working with thinner pieces of wood. That time, I carved it out and then hit it with the grinder/sander until it was close in size enough for me to use a hand rasp...needless to say, it took a lot more work than was necessary.
  18. So a little while back, my brother got married and he gave us (his groomsmen) a little sgian dubh for us to wear with our kilts. But the knives were these cheap little tacky things. The entire day he kept pointing at them and hinting at them, as it turns out, he bought the cheapest ones he could find to push me into making him a better one. So a couple months later, I hopped in the shop and got to work. I grabbed a piece of 5160, added heat and hammer A little grinding work done and back to the forge for heat treat Back to the grind for polishing Starting wo
  19. Progress update: We've been slowly working the bloom, all by hand as I don't own a hydraulic press or power hammer. Looks like the majority of the steel is medium carbon with a fair amount of high carbon.
  20. Looking good! And seriously sweet equiptment by the way!
  21. Yeah, I went into the shop today to clean up the mess from last night (and rifle through for any other bloom fragments) and I started straightening the shop up but couldn't bring myself to pull the keg and tap setup down. I did, however, start playing around with some of the smaller bloom fragments. I was suprised to see that a couple of them reached a welding heat in my gas forge, as mine is hand made and falls a little shy of being able to reach that heat.
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