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  1. I really like that one, simple and to the point but also exquisite in the simpleness.
  2. Thanks for all the feedback guys, I will bury the anvil like you said. I haven't been on lately because I forgot my password >.> so thanks and I shall keep all this in mind!
  3. Oh...oh my god, my sides XD
  4. Thanks for the ideas and whatnot everyone, I shall post again when It is done.
  5. K fine forget the damn beaver, jesus. ANYWAY it's more incentive for me to actually make something instead of staring at my tools. I will not kill the beaver unless forced to.
  6. My friends dog almost got bit by it, so i'm worried about other dogs getting curious. And It's building a dam where it doesn't need to build one, the water doesn't flow there. And thank you for answering my question, if I can avoid the beaver I will but otherwise the dam is going down.
  7. There is a beaver in this little river close by that is building a dam. So instead of calling someone to come and get it, I'm going to make a spearhead to kill it. Now i'm using a mystery metal pipe, so what I need to know is what would be a good shape for the head? Glaive like or a straight spear? And yes I know how dumb this is.
  8. Carlos


    how did that turn out?
  9. Carlos


    I will as soon as I get my forge up and running...but until then I accept this challenge!
  10. Carlos


    Let me know how it goes
  11. Carlos


    So has anyone ever made a Kachete? It's a Katana and a machete combined with the best of both.
  12. Thanks a ton guys, Just wanted to know because my brother wants some sort of curved short sword like 10in in length. So thanks and I will find out! I'll let everyone know what the law is too, when I get back.
  13. Didn't know where to post it so here it is, Does anyone know the Legal Blade Length in Minnesota? Or Champlin to be more specific? I cannot find anything.
  14. I have all my tools and necessities now, plus two railroad spikes! All I need is some ideas on how to brace mt "anvil" the railroad track
  15. These are what my brake drum looks like, and I will just deal with it for now. Plug up the small holes and put a grate on the main hole right?
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