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  1. Mr. Rose, That sounds like a great idea. I will definatly try that. Thank you all for your help. John
  2. I've been forging tomahawks for about 6 months now and am starting to get some decent results. I've mostly been useing 10/84, some A-36 with welded in HC bits, farriers' rasps, and 41/40 (?) rife barrels. I've been grinding to 400 grit (mostly)and sometimes wire brushing or polishing on a cloth wheel. My problem is achieving a durable finish that doesn't rust. The best I've come up with is Super Blue, which gives me good coverage but tends to rust through once the oil dries out. I'd also like to have a polish natural metal finish that won't rust. I'm stumped. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. John
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