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  1. Hello Mr. Longmire, I have been using a Hofi hammer for about 15 years and I don't see any wear on the glue site so far. I´ve modified some other hammers (0.75kg up to 3kg) and the handles glued with "sikaflex 11 fc" - it´s a polyurethane glue, the same uses Hofi - and all hammers are working very well with very low vibrations. My hands are happy for this stuff! Here is the link to the datasheet: https://usa.sika.com/dms/getdocument.get/a3360ac5-ac4c-4962-a585-f102e19b2d96/sikaflex_-11_fc.pdf Sincerely Peter Munz sorry for my bad english, I´m from germany
  2. That´s great! Thank you very much Sam!!! Peter
  3. Hello Rudolf, the left tongs in your picture is made for holding in the right hand, because the thumb of the hand can "flip" more comfortalbe over the jaw, it´s more ergonomic. Sorry for my bad english, I´m from germany - I hope you understand what I mean. Peter
  4. Wonderful work! Wacholder von der Schwäbischen Alb, bei mir, habe ich auch schon verarbeitet. Gruß Peter
  5. I think, I´ll be the fourth in this round.
  6. Very fine, looks like some of mine Peter
  7. that´s it - think simple! (sink thimple ) Peter
  8. I use a heavy chain (made of 12mm round) from horn to horn, it works much better than magnets. It´s a german Peddinghaus 158kg. Peter
  9. very well done!! The method of carburizing is very interesting - I will test it on my next work Peter
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