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  1. already commented on Instagram but again WOW totally impressed with all the details coming together on this with such a astounding blade at the core. Way to go man.
  2. last ones I played with were brazed! not sure I ever got them apart I think there are leaning up with my other random steel. chris
  3. Jared , we do ebay on the side. Almost all transactions thru ebay, payment is thru paypal , fees between ebay and pay pal end up around 15% of the selling price . Wa state you report it as a sale just like any other and have to pay sales tax quarterly for anything sold in the state, everything else is difficult to understand but I believe at this time you don't have to do anything. let me know if you need help heck it may be even easier to have someone post them in a personal account rather than your employers kinda like what you were originally proposing that you buy them and then sell t
  4. How cool is that? bet you will have that up and running in record time. Chris
  5. Also wouldn't the water boiling and vaporizing even if a small bit have the potential to blow hot oil all over you and your workspace ? Chris
  6. Patrick , I sent you a message. thanks Chris
  7. Mat be more blacksmith related but since there are 2 of you I'd look at top and bottom tools too they can usually be had cheap because most people work alone and they can be hard to use by yourself. How about materials? that may be one of the best opportunities, composites, wood antler tool steel never know what may have accumulated along with the tools of the trade. I picked up a bunch of smalls when I bought my power hammer. Chris
  8. here is my Holly (kelpie, border collie and aussie shepard), doing her best "I can totally help fix the wood splitter by being this close dad" look.
  9. No Sorry I'm not in Utah I am in eastern Washington. If you can't find anything locally shipping is pretty reasonable when shipping in a flat rate box. I'm selling at 2.50 a lb for wagon tire wrought with decent grain (slag inclusions) most of what I have cut now is around 1/2' thick and 4 inches wide from larger freight type wagon wheels 4.5-5' diameter. Chris
  10. Jay , I have some wagon tires cut up I was going to list if you are looking for stuff that can be etched to show the grain. Drop me a not e with what you are looking for. Chris
  11. Well damn I never would have guessed you split and mortised that handle. Wes we just need to make things happen, I have loved attending things like Dave Lisch's pre funk to the last 2 Seattle knife shows, so keep me in the loop if things get put together. I've headed west over the passes for a lot less fun things. Remodeling my shop now but I'd love to host something in the future if people want to come my (long)way across the state. Chris
  12. awesome Wes very nice throughout. Love the recessed pommel and peened tang Chris
  13. Alan are you saying you think the core and edges are both shear steel and the pattern in the core was not deliberate but a by product of the process? Or just saying the edges are from multiple batches of shear? Chris
  14. in welding 4 bars like this would it be better/easier to do 3 welds first welding 2 bars each then welding the resulting 2 bars together or do you add more risk lose more material ect doing it this way ? Chris
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