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  1. far and away one of the coolest paterns ive ever seen if not the coolest. awesome.
  2. yea this is the mildest michigan winter ive ever seen. were probably getting hammerd hard with a blizzard in april but still.
  3. from what i understand some "iron" (steel)was stronger than others but for awhile they werent sure why. it was called steel later. but i could be WAY off.
  4. it says high carbon tool steel on the packing for some i saw in the store. i havnt worked with enough stuff to tell by a spark test. so would the steel be good for a knife?
  5. not so sure i like that number that thing is a stroke of genius.
  6. it seemed simple enough until i realy got into my grinder work on another knife and by the end i wanted tear it apart wheel by wheel just trying to get a flat grind . can someone explain how they convex grind blades? or is there a video or another topic somewhere? something simple im missing?
  7. TI like titanium or ping (hammer to anvil ) maybe ash.
  8. from what i understand jackhammer bits are usualy high manganese wich sucks for hamons. should i pick these up anyway? i think they were 7 bucks each but i could talk him down to 5 im sure.
  9. i was thinking about getting some A2 flat stock on onlinemtals.com but i dont know if it would warp being so thin. if i dont want the flat stock i would probably go with square but thats more expensive than a section of railroad i found. im just on a serious budget and im just starting out. heck if any of you wanted to sell me one cheap thats cool.
  10. almost everyone treats titanium as the strongest metal ever but from what i understand its 2 to 4 times stronger then steel wheras mertenste is about 5 times stronger. (or maybe just harder) im just curious why no one has tryed to use it more for blades if it is that strong untreated.
  11. is there any good way to predict what the hamon is gonna look like from the clay?
  12. i havnt bought it yet. just found a 55 pound anvil at harbor freight. i dont expect perfection from harbor freight but even the 6 dollar rotary tool i got there hasnt let me down yet so figured it would be worth asking about the anvil.
  13. i found a anvil finaly but it has small ridges all over the face. is that normal? will that affect anything? they are like file teeth but way smaller.
  14. ........excuse me while i go cry in a corner. those are freakin amazing
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