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  1. I like the blade, the handle + the chicken!
  2. If my guess from observing the type of wood grain in the photos is correct, the wood should be cedar elm (Ulmus crassifolia) or something very close to it. We have it native in EU and is quite sturdy material. As much for the knives - the design is very pleasing to my eye, especially the "father" one.
  3. That's one really attractive piece, Derks. Cheers!
  4. Niaro To


    Human mind is hybrid. This shot explores the contrast between one's dreams wishes and illusions in the background of one's very practical, scattered and not so perfect mind.
  5. Thanks for sharing your work, Dave. 恐ろしい The videos are pleasure, as well.
  6. Seems you have an art feeling towards the craft, Ken. And patience for detail. The last design is not something that I would buy, but the first ones are tempting me a lot! And... your logo is quite nice. Reminds me of one Greek motorcycle club.
  7. Can you guess the carbon content of a spike by "feeling" when forging? What's the difference between 1050 and 1025. I guess the spike is like 1025 as you quench in water. Never done spikes, that's why I'm interested.
  8. Looks very fine crafted tool. Hope the customer won't have the need to use it too often, however. It seems the idea of the design is quite blood-thirsty.
  9. Interesting pattern on the twist, and the sheath is fitting the whole idea as well! Nice job.
  10. You felt it right Jerrod, however old theories always fascinate me. People societies have so much different cognition throughout the ages. I think it's worthy to explore even the worst ones, just to hone our imagination. This said I still wait to see how people think about it, about it's abstract and notorious expression. Intuition is the key point. Times ago people didn't had an exact science to measure everything, and we made it by feeling. Even the knives, ha!
  11. I've been researching some issies with the Law of Conservation of Mass, which led me to on old, obsolate already to science theory. Phlogiston theory It definitely questions my imagination in a wild way, thus I would like to ask you: How you feel about the quoted part, and of the whole theory at all? It is very interesting for me, and as it is all about combustion and metals (bladesmith's speciality) I think this is the best board to seek other folk's opinion. Cheers!
  12. Hello Ibor. I am interested to know more about the use of the second sword(at the pictures) you recreated. Does it have specific historical name, and where could I learn more about the historical use of this design. Maybe you know some of this things or can redirect me to the right place. Thanks!
  13. I'd rather speak not of his opportunities and handicaps unless I knew him very well, which I don't. Also let me get it clear, I shared a very general Idea, not a concrete project plan. You start to sound like my wife Jon, please, we're not on this board to clean each others shoes. I guess Kevin have enough brains in his can and if the idea of the hawks is not achievable for him, he will not even bother to spill his coffee on the keyboard, to reply our little Faust here.
  14. I guess we are all under the same mist when it comes to business. If you ask me, I'd rather step blindly than sit and plan to the uttermost detail. The hawk idea seems good to me, from my perspective of Eastern European. I have no idea how that is going to work out for Kevin. However I keep rather positive attitude anyways, it is harming not to believe in success, even for your friend, or fellow forumer.
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