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  1. I don't envy the poor villains who would be foolish to trouble the village of the sword's owner.
  2. Really enjoying this piece, the antler blends very well. Cheers and keep the good work!
  3. Thanks for the link, absolutely gorgeous! The Stabilized Giraffe and the file-work on the bowie fits perfectly. The other pieces as well show your skills. Well done!
  4. The craftsmanship looks outstanding, the design is fresh and appealing, the whole affair looks like a great wedding gift for a wealthy mining landlord's lady. Yet, considering the project's presentation here, the overall design does not fit the Lore in my opinion. The poem does not correspond to the result. To be more complete in what I say, I expect to see more earthly feeling and less decoration overall for a Norse based artifact. I observe more Greco-Roman notes than Norse. I say is I see a Lavish blade, not a Norse blade. Now... I understand that in 2021 the big part of the market for that
  5. That is very beautiful set. If you have some close-up photos, especially of the bowie, please post! Big kudos!
  6. Nice watery lines on this one. Just like a buddhist poem.
  7. I like the blade, the handle + the chicken!
  8. That's one really attractive piece, Derks. Cheers!
  9. Niaro To


    Human mind is hybrid. This shot explores the contrast between one's dreams wishes and illusions in the background of one's very practical, scattered and not so perfect mind.
  10. Thanks for sharing your work, Dave. 恐ろしい The videos are pleasure, as well.
  11. Seems you have an art feeling towards the craft, Ken. And patience for detail. The last design is not something that I would buy, but the first ones are tempting me a lot! And... your logo is quite nice. Reminds me of one Greek motorcycle club.
  12. Can you guess the carbon content of a spike by "feeling" when forging? What's the difference between 1050 and 1025. I guess the spike is like 1025 as you quench in water. Never done spikes, that's why I'm interested.
  13. Looks very fine crafted tool. Hope the customer won't have the need to use it too often, however. It seems the idea of the design is quite blood-thirsty.
  14. Interesting pattern on the twist, and the sheath is fitting the whole idea as well! Nice job.
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