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  1. Dude that cleaver is huge! Really like all the knives though:)
  2. Yep I only have one coat of oil on in the picture, I put more on:). And yes, this is a bit think to be a good kitchen knife, I started with 1/4 inch stock and its now 3/16 inch thick and not even close to being thin enough:/
  3. I forged this knife for my mom, she cooks. The blade is 1075 and I used some really awesome walnut and antler for the handle, would love any criticism! Oh also my bird Frank is in the pictures, I found him in our yard he fell from the top of our house and he is incredibly tame.
  4. Dude I love the way the the blade looks, the whole sword for that matter. Really like how fat the pattern is
  5. They have been fixed! Let me know if thats the right size!
  6. Thanks for all the kind words! Yes, they are GIGANTIC. I will get them fixed
  7. I'm really sorry about the pictures being so large I will take down these and get smaller ones up, thanks for the reply!
  8. Gaaahhh!!!! sorry the pictures are so huge, dont know how I keep doing that
  9. I have finally finished the awesome dirk that Luke Shearer made, I made the sheath and handle. The handle was originally going to have a lot of carving, but I was not happy with any of the handle and the first 3 had huge mess ups so I finally decided just to make it really simple and use awesome cherry burl, there is also mine and Lukes initials in Tolkiens "Moon Runes" on each side of the handle carved with a v chisel. I carved a small cross into the back of the handle. The sheath is red oak that I stained, its lined with sheep fleece and has a belt loop made from sheep hide that is died dar
  10. Incredible! Seriously one of the coolest blades I have seen on this forum.
  11. That looks great! really like the handle shape
  12. I agree with Ben, I bought my anvil not long ago for a pretty good price at a farrier shop not far from my house, just had to save my money for a little while
  13. The first sword you forged is amazing, and im sure the second will be as well. Inspiring and awesome!
  14. @ Dave Haha I was going for old:). And yea, I can never figure out how to size the pictures and all, gotta get on that. Thanks for the kind words, means alot
  15. Made them to big now, just being computer retarded... done messing with it for today
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