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  1. You're welcome, Bernie. Bernie posted his relative's knife in another forum, where it received nice, but limited input. I suggested he post here, as I thought this group would be appreciative of such cool work. I'd love to see the shop where this neat package was created, and meet the man who did so with such primitive equipment.
  2. Wow! That's really imaginative, and cool! Love it!
  3. Nowadays. if you go into a store they have those with nice soft comfy rubber handles with interchangeable blades, all properly stamped with "Made in China." I sure like your work better, lol.
  4. There's a full length fuller right below the spine, giving an I-beam construction. The bevel is an apple seed grind, and no more than 5/8's wide. The blade at the base is 1.25"'s wide. I'd post pictures, but they always come out too big and I have a dickens of a time getting them sized correctly. Think I re-sized it correctly, and I hope the picture, while horrible, will give a better idea of the blade.
  5. Thanks Alan, I think you are right, after all, 6mm is only slightly less than a quarter of an inch, about .023 inches. I'm going to proceed to get my Ht done and test it.
  6. Doug, Rob Criswell has been making katana's for years from A2 steel. They are very tough blades with extremely sharp edges. Of course, as I understand it, his earlier work had 5/16's spines at the hilt and the swords came in at 3 pounds or more, later he went thinner and lighter. This is all what I read on the internet, but as I'm sure you know, people aren't allowed to lie on the internet. (smile)
  7. Hi All! I just finished forging my first full length sword, 28" blade of A2. I was totally focused on making a useable, good handling sword, and well...when I finished forging/grinding the spine at the hilt was only 6mm, halfway down the blade it is still 6mm, and then of course it tapers accordingly. It's a curved scimitar style blade, about 1.25" wide at the base, or hilt. It feels like a substantial piece of steel, but I'm afraid I went too thin. Am I within the norms of sword making, or did I get carried away?
  8. Close, it's spalted tamarind. I love this wood, it just has such a nice honey glow to it.
  9. I wondered if the bullet was a full metal jacket or a hollow point. I also wondered how "they" set up the pistol to fire so exactly, to actually impact a sword edge. Some fine measuring there. Anyway, sorry you couldn't keep that blade, Matt, it would be famous as the first katana shown on the show.
  10. http://bladesmithsforum.com/uploads/monthly_07_2015/post-31599-0-36570500-1435714428.jpg One more. Thanks a lot, Jay.
  11. Thanks, I'll play around with the pictures. While I have heat treated blades that long, I am not really set up to get the temp control needed to consistently do hamons, that one was sent to a Ht house. Likewise, I don't quench in water, so the sori you see was hammered into shape. Now, lets see if this works, http://bladesmithsforum.com/uploads/monthly_07_2015/post-31599-0-32921700-1435714397.jpg
  12. I don't know how you reduced that picture, Andrew, but thank you. I am also glad you like the hilt/handle treatment. It has a very nice hamon too, but I couldn't capture it.
  13. Thank you, Bob. I'm just sorry the other pictures are so large.
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