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  1. This is another blade made from forged Ag Roller Chain. 9 inch O.A.L. with a 5 3/8 inch blade. Rose wood scales and brass pins.
  2. Pretty much that Kreg. Needs to be clean, I saw a guy on YouTube who stoked the billet in kerosene then went straight to the forge. Seems to help clean the grease and such.
  3. Thanks Brian. It is a journey, this learning process. All the best John
  4. I am in awe of a lot of the work on this forum. I lurk, read and practice...some better than others. I do blacksmith work, fabrication and steel art mainly as my artistic outlet, bladesmithing is something I am intrigued by. This is a 9 3/4 knife forged from roller chain. The handle is Cocobolo with brass pins. Quenched in peanut oil and triple tempered. Not perfect but neither is it a freshman effort. Your impressions would be appreciated. John
  5. I like the suns a great deal. Nice work
  6. Your work in a word is Inspiring!
  7. Okay this really isn’t up to your standards when it comes to knife making, but there are four knife “proxies” on this sign. These brothers trace their heritage to Russia. They told me that when their Grandfather and family emigrated from Russia all they brought with them were their knives. They lived by them in meat shops in the Pacific Northwest and some died by them while settling disputes. They wanted to honor their Grandfather by naming their place the Knifemen Ranch. The “knives” are stainless with 3/16” rod wrapped for the handles. They are suspended 2” off the sign. The sign itself is 4’ by 6’, 10 gauge while the frame is 4”x4” 3/16 wall square tube. The wife of one of the brothers took the following photos. Thought you may be interested. John
  8. Great space! I appreciate making your own tools, I have done much the same except for the Little Giant Trip Hammer. Excellent set of doors as well.
  9. Howdy Dion, I am in Jordan right now visiting my folks. We all new Al and Betty very well. Very small world! If you want to see the article, you go to the Ag Pride site and click the big red barn. That should take you to the magazine. John
  10. Looks like attaching a PDF didn't work...computers are great at doing what they are told not what you want to do in your mind. The article starts on page 34 if you are interested.
  11. I am not a full time bladesmith, more of a welder/blacksmith with a strong interest in all things metal. I was lucky enough to be the subject of a recent article about my iron work and thought I would share. http://www.tsln.com/home/6612159-111/2013-cover-features-pride I attached the article, but if that doesn't work here is a link to the article. For those in the States have a great Memorial Day. For those across the globe take a moment to remember your fighting men and women this weekend. All the best, John
  12. Michael - I really like the first one. The second one is nice as well, however it seems the hocks are going the wrong direction...though I may be reading more into it then necessary. Were you going for the stifle joint there and then letting the hocks extend straight? Nice work anyway. How big are they? What stock were you using? John
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