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  1. Very nice knife, Kevin. The only thing I could possibly point out is the pin placement you mentioned, but that's certainly nothing major. I really like the hamons you're coaxing out lately.
  2. Not used to seeing shiney stuff from you, Wade. That is a dang fine knife, though. I really like it.
  3. Yep, that's the one. Was just fixing to message you back.
  4. Hell of a good start, Rob.
  5. Will also trade for a pair of ILF recurve limbs, if anyone has some.
  6. This knife was made by James Peterman. I'm pulling it out of my collection in order to fund other hobbies. It's 13" OAL, with a 9" blade of 1095. Unfortunately, I don't know much about James, and I got this from someone else so I'm not sure what it's value it. Does $200 TYD sound pretty reasonable?
  7. Never mind, reading on my phone and didn't know I was only part way through the thread.
  8. I tried to, Kip but I have trouble pasting anything in a response since the forum was updated.
  9. Dangit, I'm not going to sit by and watch the fun again. I'm in.
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