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  1. Mott

    Another warp

    Hey guys OK first I want to thank all of you for the great advice. Alan There are couple of things I did wrong on the list you gave me the main one is the angle of the knife as it went into the water. I will pay more attention to that next time. Thank you Mr Miller Thank you for the idea I wouldnt have thought of straighting it out while tempering I will try it trmw. Thank you again. Adam Mott
  2. Hey guys Ok I just made a knife and it warped during HT I tried to bend it back during the tempering but that didnt help at all. If any of you have any advice I would really appreiciate it. Thanks Adam Mott
  3. Hey guys Ethan Thanks for the advice I wish Id known that this morning. Thanks again man you really just saved me alot of future heart ache lol. Mr Lester Thank you for the advice also. I was very informed by you replys I didnt know about that technique myself as Im a begginer also so thank you again. Mr Horus Yes sir I had a similiar reaction when I broke mine, and your right callin myself harsh names wont help at all. I made my mistake and learned form it. Thank you for the advice Adam Mott
  4. Hey guys I feel like the biggest Idoit on earth. I HT my knife today and it warped just a little. So I thought I could bend it back into place and forgot that metal would be too brittle to bend, and I broke it an inch form the tip. So the question I have is, is there anything i can do with a warped blade in the future? Could I normalize it and work it out strait or not? Thanks to anybody who replys. Adam Mott
  5. Hey Mr. Cleland Id like to put a pic up for you but Ive misplaced my camera for the moment. And thanks for the help. Mr. Scott Thanks for the advice I think im goin to try the wood putty method. I didnt think of it or the JB weld. I appreciate the help. Son of Bluegrass I dont have access to a welder right now, but I will keep that in mind for when I do get one thanks Thank you all for the help. Adam Mott
  6. Hey guys Im trying to make a full tang knife and right in the middle the is a low grove in it from where I used the angle grinder too much. The problem is if I file it away the tang and knife will be thinner than I want it to be, but if I leave it as is I cant get the handle to set flush against the tang. I thought about taking the angle grinder to it and making it a hidden tang but i dont want to if i dont have to. I would really be thankful to anybody who could help me. Adam Mott
  7. Hey everybody Thank you for all the replys I wouldnt have thought of useing wire before. One last question if yall dont mind do any of you use a glue on your pins to make sure they dont come out, and if you do what kind? Thanks again guys Adam Mott
  8. Hey everybody Im working on another knife now and I was woundering where do yall get the copper pins you use in your handles. I used a nail in my last one but on this one I want something that looks better. I checked my local hardware store (Ace) and lowes. I cant find them anywhere. Any advice is great. Adam Mott
  9. Hey Mr. Christianson that is a beautiful knife. What did you stain the maple with? Adam Mott
  10. Greg Thank you for the help and the picture and the thumb notch was my wimpy atempt to make it look as good as possible, as for the rest as I said to Mr Keyes my next one will be better. I really appreciate the the help. Thank you for the complament as well Adam Mott
  11. Mr. Keyes Thank you for your honesty and help. About the guard and handle, the handle has a pen in it that you cant see because of the light I had already drilled the whole in it before I saw that it wasnt flush up against the guard. I should have got another peice but I guess I was too impatient to want to do that it will be right next time. I thought the handle was too big also, but if I make it any smaller it will be uncomfortable to hold. I think the reason the handle looks so big is because the blade is so small I will see what I can do about that next time. Thanks again
  12. Hey guys Ok this is my first knife I made it from a railroad spike. The blade is 5 in and the handle is 4 in. The guard is also a railroad spike and the handle is made from pine. I heat treated it 3 times and polished it with a file. It is alot thicker than I wanted it to be and it is no where near what I would call pretty but I like it and it is strong enongh to take what I will do with it. I was kind of nervous putting my knike up here next to yalls art, but the only way I will ever get to where yall are is if I learn. So please critique my work so that my next one will be better. Than
  13. Mott

    Knife test?

    Hey guys Thank yall for the information I really appreciate it. I guess that Ill just try to cut up some stuff. Thanks again Adam Mott
  14. Hey everybody I was on here the other day and I read a thread that said a guy tested his knife by droping it tip frist on a concrete floor. I was wondering if this is a good way to test a blade. Im hoping to completely finish my first knife trmw (can't wait to see it together). I was wanting to test it some how and I thought that might be a good way. If any of yall have a better way please let me know thank you in advanced. Adam Mott
  15. Mott


    Hey everybody Thank you to all who wrote on the thread I really appreciate all the advice yall have given me. Im going to make the guard out of a spike just for the sake of saving money but the next one will be brass or copper. Thanks Adam Mott
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