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  1. Wootz by Zaqro Nonikashvili 2018. Soon his technology will be presented.
  2. Heterogeneous structure Bulat steels and its possibility Receptions (downloaden) By Dr. Badri Amaglobeli, Tbilisi - Georgia, 1984. A Georgian scientist. Wrote a PhD on Bulat in 1984. This was not accesable due to USSR issues. Mr Amaglobeli kindly approved to share this PhD with others who are interested. http://www.gotscha.nl/amaglobeli_eng.doc
  3. More works by Aleko: http://www.gotscha.nl/nl-goudinleg.htm
  4. More info - workshop gold inlay / gold oplay: http://www.gotscha.nl/uk-goudinleg.htm
  5. Hello, In February 2012 organize we workshop of tradicional gold/silver inlay and onlay (Koftgari) in Roosendaal (The Netherlands). Details: www.gotscha.nl with best regards, Gotscha
  6. This is a complete course with real gold inlay and gold overlay (Koftgari Art). This Shamshir is used for real gold inlay (no Koftgari technique).
  7. Dear all, Thanks for the comments on this Shamshir project. On this sword a technique was used with real gold inscribing. We are thinking about giving a course on gold inscribing at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts ( Antwerp ) in 02 - 2012. It regards the inscribing real gold with a technique of the so called "Koftgari Art". http://www.gotscha.nl/nl-goudinleg.htm Further information will follow. Kind regards, Gotscha
  8. Internet site of Zaqro Nonikashvili in Georgia: http://georgians-weapons.ge/zaqro-nonikaSvili.htm
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