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  1. While I was at the Canterbury Museum to photograph the folding knife, I also snapped these shots of the other bladed items. If anyone wants more info on specific items in the photos, just ask: http://photos.quixotic.eu/CanterburyMuseum/IMG_2226.JPG http://photos.quixotic.eu/CanterburyMuseum/IMG_2227.JPG http://photos.quixotic.eu/CanterburyMuseum/IMG_2228.JPG J
  2. This is the best photo I could get with the knife in the case: http://quixotic.eu/Projects/Normannis/Images/FoldingKnife01.jpg I will post better ones when I can get a close up. J
  3. I am pondering a knife design. I'm not sure if I will try to make it myself, or commission someone else to make it. But I would like peoples advice. The design basics I have so far are single edged blade, slight broken spine, full length hidden tang, brass bolster and cap on the handle, with an Antler Handle. I would like the blade to be pattern welded, with slightly contrasting patterns. My initial thought is a darker mixed pattern along the spine, and then a lighter and finer pattern - maybe Maidens Hair - for the remaining ¾ of the blade. Is this a reasonably plausible design ? Has anyone made anything similar? Do you have any photos for inspiration? Thanks Julia
  4. Went to the City of Canterbury Museum today, and was surprised to find the knife pictured above on display. I have taken the best photos I could through the display case, but also have info for the guy to contact about being able to study it closer. Will post photos shortly. J
  5. You sir, are bloody brilliant. Not only have you found exactly what the sort of thing I was looking for, but it was found less than a mile from where I live. Should I ever meet you in person, I owe you a pint! By chance, do you have the ISBN of the book this is from? Those are rather beautiful. Do you have any further info on them? Thanks J
  6. Ooh, that would be lovely, it's out of period, but interesting non the less. Thanks J
  7. I am doing some research into folding knives from the early medieval period. So far I have tracked down a few of examples: York find 13816 - Folding knife from Fishergate, York. - Late 14th Century London find 309 - Folding knife from London (currently held in Museum of London) - Late 13th Century. London find 310 - 14th Century. Does anybody now of any other examples of Folding Knife finds, ideally from the 11th-13th Centuries in the UK/Western Europe? Thanks J
  8. I have bought a blade that I would like to stick a handle on. The blade is tempered EN45 spring steel. The theory seems simple, heat up the tang until it glows redish, then carefully push the wooden handle into place, then remove the wood, cool the inside. But, I am scared I may ruin the temper of the blade doing this. Is this a rational fear? is there a way to avoid it? Thanks J
  9. I got some very sensible quotes. I haven't ordered myself yet as I am still trying to put the full forge together. But a friend has had success ordering en45. Shall I PM you details? J
  10. Out of interest, what is the damage for delivery for Aldo's steel from the US to the UK? Thanks J
  11. Can anyone recommend any books on the side arms? I book with stuff like quillon daggers in it would be handy... J
  12. There is a copy in my local library, thank you for the recommendation. J
  13. I've seen lots of information out there and lots of people making Sæx's. But I'm wondering if anyone can point me at some good sources for what happened next in the Chronologies of side arms in north western Europe? At some point the Sæx dies out to be replaced by the Quillon Dagger, but I'm having a hard time pinning a date to point this really takes hold? I am also wondering if anyone can recommend a good book on early medieval daggers? I have Oakeshottes Records of the Medieval Sword which is brilliant for swords, but I would love to have something similar for the smaller arms?
  14. I'm glad you posted this. I did a phone round of various UK based steel suppliers, and was absolutely amazed how little steel actually was, I expected to get quotes of 3 figure numbers, but actually the prices were so reasonable as to make hunting for scrap seem pointless. As a beginner the prospect of using a known steel that has clearly defined HT really appeals as it takes one more variable out of the mix, which as a beginner I think is important. Just my 2p. J
  15. So what started out as a small portable forge for events has progressed to putting up a new shed in the garden with a concrete base and a semi portable forge setup... The question is, do I need to think about reinforcing the concrete where the anvil will live? J
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