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  1. Thanks brother hope to see you in Alabama! I'm trying to come up with a handle for the blade I got from you a few years ago!
  2. Thanks guys!! I bought a new house this year and don't have much of a shop yet, but it's coming along. Yanks again for the kind words. Hopefully I'll have more to share soon!
  3. It's been a while but I thought you my like this one! The blade is forged cable The guard is copper Handle is stag Oal 12"
  4. Sorry Andrew not on this one, it was a lot of figure it out as you go!
  5. Kevin that is just amazing! Thanks for taking the time to spare steps!
  6. It's been awhile gentleman! This one turned out pretty good so I thought I'd toss it up to see what you think!!! Deer leg bone with copper fittings Damascus blade. Oal about 8" This is my first rawhide sheath!!! Fun stuff, I'm not sure why I haven't worked with this sooner!!! Let me know what you think!!!
  7. Rings like a bell Alan!! I'm pumped I've needed a bigger anvil for while!!!
  8. My anvil just doubled in size!!! Not sure of a weight or make yet. I need to clean the paint off and get a better look!! Any thoughts?
  9. Awesome work Scott!!! Always a pleasure!
  10. This one was requested by a customer. Framed handle copper frame with walnut. Teardrop Damascus Blade and guard.
  11. Rob that's awesome! I love the bone handle. Glad to see your doing well!
  12. Very nice work Brother!!!
  13. Well done Wes!!! Beautiful knife.
  14. Thanks guy it was a fun project and a great learning experience! Kip
  15. My nephew ask for a sword for his graduation gift and this is what I came up wit! 26" Damascus blade 10" Curly maple handle with silver wire in lay Copper guard and fittings Oal 35" Let me know what you think!!!
  16. Damascus blade 5" Carved sea cow rib bone. the bone started to flake apart during carving so it's not as crisp as I had hoped but i think it adds to the aged look!!!
  17. I'm with George, to hard to pick there both way cool!!! Kip
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