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  1. very nice clean forging, love the finished blade
  2. i like the small knife and the wood on the other one looks like it might be honeysuckle
  3. i like that quite a bit, nice clean lines and its not too "busy" like some fancier stuff can be
  4. i feel that the shape isn't quite right but think that it will work okay
  5. i'm done! just finished today, i will get some pics up in a little bit.
  6. this is more detailed than some books i have bought on knife making
  7. 1.Rudolf Harmse 2.James Fuller 3.Gabriel R. Paavola 4.Emiliano Carrillo 5.Kevin Hopkins 6.John F. Ellis 7.Michael Lenaghan 8.George Ezell 9.Nate Runals 10.John Kruse-Kanyuck 11.Hloh 12.Dan Bourlotos 13.David Fischer 14. Derrick Phillips 15. Gary T. (jajimi) 16. Pieter-Paul Derks 17. Christopher Price 18. Juho S. Voutilainen 19. John Page 20. dylan holderman
  8. definitely this ^^ if voting is done we should close the pole, i voted boot knife but i'm down for anything at this point.
  9. wow i haven't been here in months( been consumed by bow making and recovery from a hand injury ) but you have really gotten good! keep it up.
  10. nice first blade others who are more qualified than me have already said so your wood looks like it is probably red oak, allot of the pallets that come into the place i work at are red oak.
  11. metal poisoning with iron or steel jewelry is non issue because it isn't in a form that our body's can absorb through skin contact
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