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  1. I just ground the shape. I thought it would look good but I didn't think it would that good. I'm pretty amazed at my own work. I haven't sharpened it yet, you've probably picked that up.
  2. I'll probably post all the rest of the things I do with it though.
  3. Don't laugh I'm only 12. I'm making this knife out of an old nickelson file. The handle is made from a WW2 maple stock from a mauser rifle and I stained it. Those two dots are copper rivets but the main thing that's holding the blade in there is epoxy. My dad just softened the blade because it was way to hard, that's why it's black.
  4. Me an my dad don't think it would turn out the best with the type of metal I'm using, so I think I'm going to have to stop and use different metal and different design.
  5. I got it from an indoustrial plumming company.
  6. Awesome! Have you made a handle?
  7. This is what i'm go'n for. I got idea from an elven sword from lord of the rings(although I'm altering it a little). I want to make like a 12 in. blade, the handle going to be a big,huge two hander(actually big than two handed).
  8. This is my first attempt at making a sword. I'm an amateur at this stuff. This is Oskar's dad, we have been lurking around here for quite some time and he is just so dang excited about pounding metal. So without my knowledge (both signing up and learning how to use this site) he has posted his first thing that he is working on. The steel is something in the area of 1080-1090 drill rod, not quite sure but it hardens nicely in oil and seems to keep an edge with test blades. Oskar is 11yrs old and VERY independent...so any pointers you tell him he'll probably appreciate and try. I will tell him about his picture size. This is not finished yet but he has done it with his own muscles and brains(and a few pointers by me). Ryan
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