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  1. I really love it man ! The grip is very powerful but what i like the most is the blade!
  2. Hey man I make the wax models with a soft wax. Then I make the bracelets with the all known lost wax casting method
  3. Hey guys! Thanks a lot for all your comments! I hope these little guys will do well
  4. Hello guys. Its been some time since i last posted and i am very very happy to do so again. Today (as with the previous time) i don't bring forth any blade smithing work as i have been away from hammering hot stuff lately...after I ceremoniously broke my crappy welded hydraulic press....now I am gathering money to get some professional welding on my press and then i think i will be ready to resume my very desired sword smithing :3. So, for now I thought I'd share some of my jewelry making endeavors. Just yesterday me and my partner (we make the jewelry together) started a facebook page wi
  5. Yes thats what I thought. Ofc it is very difficult to carve straight and even depth lines on hard bronze...but man...it cam out SO amazing...like celtic carvings on a rock that has been corroded by the wind for thousands of years! you achieved a truly ancient like look here! Well done again.
  6. This is amazing! Stu....WHAT a Pommel! it is simply phenomenal! i would love to see more of this type of design and texture on the hilt and scabard! Can you share how you did it friend ??? Again well done! A beautiful sword!
  7. That is very original. Im looking foreword to see how it turns out! Well done Stu!
  8. beautifull handle!!!! simply awesome. Personally i don't like the knotwork on the blade, but the craftsmanship is impressive!!
  9. Very nice man! the blade is awesome and the handle is beautiful as well!
  10. Hey Robert. What a luck you have ! I would be very interested as well Despite how you will distribute them, thank you very much for your offering !
  11. guys, a quick question: Does the compressor have anything to do with the strength of the press ? I too am using a 20 ton jack but i was wondering if the compressor i have does not facilitate the press to deliver the 20 tons. Any suggestions ? thanks a lot in advance to all
  12. what a beauty! It really has the feeling of being cold to the touch! Nicely photographed as well!
  13. Hey Brandon The press uses a 20 ton hydraulic car jack, however it doesn't really have the effect you described. Yes it squeezes the billet a bit, but not so easily as you say. Do you have any idea why ?
  14. Kind of a bumpy update! I broke my press today . I will spend some time repairing it and strengthening the design, so I will update you guys when I move on with the forging! Thank you all for you interest and your support!
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