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  1. Congrats, Emiliano a fantastic sword with a wonderfully made sheath, skillfully done and a real joy to the eye.
  2. Extraordinary, awesome, excellent, breathtaking or just - WOW!!!
  3. I missed this post, so I´m a bit late. But nevertheless great work on that knife and especially on your leatherworks. That aged finish on the sheath is awsome.
  4. That´s great! I really like those new combinations of different styles. I wonder if we are going to see a katana folder for shaving in the future (thinking of your razor rasp in that case) ?
  5. I like ´em a lot. The clean and accurate look of them harmonizes really nice with the etched blade. Well done!
  6. What a great looking combination. Superb work!
  7. Thank you, Making this one made me think about a dirk for myself in this style using blackwood (grenadil) for the handle.
  8. Hello, Here´s a dirk I made for a customer after his specifications. Handle is ebony and 4 1/2´in length, blade is 1060, a tad over 12´long. The sheath is leather covered wood.
  9. Great work, Jacek. I really like your style of knives and although I´m not particularly interested in folders - the one you showed us here is a real beauty. Welcome to the forum.
  10. Looks strong and elegant - a fine combination. Well done.
  11. Thank you, George. I regard dirks the same way as I do with seaxes. Though I love them sharp and sturdy, they are actually not made to be used ( hopefully - at least not in the original sense ;-) ) The antiqued, slightly rugged look of those knives is meant to stress the fact that they represent ancient weapons. Glad if I succeeded on this one.
  12. I love that plain look of them. That antique finish looks great on the seax. Two thumbs up.
  13. Wow! That´s really breathtaking. Great job !
  14. Thank you very much for your kind words. I appreciate that.
  15. Hello, Here´s my latest dirk with a handle of carved plum tree, overall length is 18´ with a handle length of 4.5´.The blade is 1.5´wide at the base and has a false edge of 7´. I´ve given an antique finish to the blade. The sheath is leather covered wood. Thank you for looking.
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