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  1. That's because 25 years ago, it was (I think) still made with pride in the USA. I'm also partial to Milwaukee, but also use Makita as they make a smaller one that (when I still did that sort of thing) will fit between railings with the 4 inch code spacing. I've only had brushes and cords wear out. One I've got right now is starting to go, I can still get it work if I tap it on the table :-)
  2. Is your anvil securely mounted to the stand and the stand to the ground? I ask as I use a 100 lb and find it does all I want to do.
  3. From their page on Amazon "Note: Although the steel anvil has been quenched to achieve a hardness of 50 HRC, due to it is a cast piece, do not hit the surface directly with a hammer."
  4. Dog headed vs Cutler hammer? I'm not anyway close to knowledgeable about the history or terminology of hammers, but I thought a British cutler hammer was a dog headed hammer. And what many now refer to as a dog headed hammer is merely a Japanese style of hammer. Anyone help with this?
  5. But they might only look old. A relative had a wagon they let go to waste and now nothing but a pile of scrap, I hoped to score a bunch of WI, but sadly, just steel. I know it was at least 60 years old, but that still wasn't old enough.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. However, for those of you, like me, that prefer to not support MSN, here's the direct link: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/archaeologists-unearth-a-master-blacksmiths-iron-age-workshop-180983702/
  7. Mmmm, blackberries. I fondly remember all the times my mother would send us kids out to pick them, promising to make jam if we picked enough. Now I realize the jam making while important, the primary reason was to give her a few hours of peace. Oh and Salal berries, back when I was a kid, most people thought they were poisonous.
  8. Signed up for the same camp site as the first year. I'll be traveling with my scamp trailer, but have space to share. One tent and up to three people. Maybe I'll be able to make it this year :-)
  9. Sorry, I do no custom work, nor could sans oven do justice to the steel.
  10. Only comment is about the cone mandrel, If you're knife focuses, not much need, but if you're doing a range of blacksmithing, they can come in handy. Mine spends most of it's time alone in the corner, but every once in while, I spend a day using it and without it, that day would have been two. Price, 23 years ago I spent $75 on a 2 footer and a fellow smith laughed at spending so much, now I couldn't find one for under $600 and a tall one like that in the photo is commonly over a $1000.
  11. If I remember correctly, I posted this before, but as it shows how different steels perform, it's worth repeating. Lie-Nielsen Tools used to sell both O-1 and A-2 chisels. Because of the differences in edge performance, they recommended a 25 degree primary and 30 on the secondary edges for the O-1, and on the A-2, 30 and 35. They explained the O-1 would take a sharper edge, but would need to be sharpened more often, where as the A-2 wouldn't take as sharp of edge, but the edge would last a long time. They no longer sell the O-1 :-(
  12. 4.5 inch handle, 7.5 blade, total is a little over 12 1/8.
  13. Rats!, me and my big mouth. Now I've got to figure out which box in the storeroom. In the meantime, Randell's web site says about 4 1/2 inches.
  14. I have a Randell 14, but with the finger grooves.
  15. Or two days by mule over the pass
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