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  1. Gerald Boggs

    White Balance

    That's what I now have. Used it and suddenly I can take photos with a white background :-)
  2. Gerald Boggs

    White Balance

    White Balance, I've posted about this before, but think it important enough to bear repeating. Let me be clear, I'm a photography novice. However, since I earn my living based on what my photos convey, I've had to learn a little. My problems started when I began selling on Amazon. Up to this point, I had been using the auto setting on my camera and shooting outside in natural settings with good results. However, Amazon requires the main photo to be either a white or neutral background. Much to my disappointment, no matter how much or what type of lighting I used, I couldn't get a good photo. I've since learned that without setting your white balance, you will never get a good photo. So if you've been taking photos and wondering why they're kind of dark and the white looks a bit gray, this is why. Hopes this helps.
  3. My first comment was meant as humor, but let me go into teacher mode: Do both, read and forge. Then go back and read the same page again and do again. Once you think you're getting a feel for something, move on to the next page. Mark's books are excellent because they're set up as both a source of knowledge and as a training program for the blacksmith. Start with book one, read and work your way through it and you will be well on you way to becoming a skilled smith.
  4. Gerald Boggs

    Cleaning damascus

    Cleaning Damascus. How durable is the pattern on a blade that's being used and cleaned frequently? I was just thinking about my mom's restaurant and how vigorously we cleaned the kitchen knifes.
  5. Are you saying you don't have Mark Aspery's books?
  6. Gerald Boggs

    Frozen tongs

    Now that I've thought about it, if your tongs are store bought, or not of mild steel, heating and quenching them might not be a good idea.
  7. Gerald Boggs

    Frozen tongs

    Treat them as if they were just made. Heat the Boss to a solid orange and then while dipping in and out of the water, work the reins open and closed.
  8. Gerald Boggs

    A pair of commissions

    Thanks, I'm still at the "Beginners" stage :-)
  9. Gerald Boggs

    A pair of commissions

    Could you expand on this? I have little experience with blade steels selection, so trying to learn others thoughts
  10. Gerald Boggs

    Plasma Cut Tomahawk?

    I know of at least one well known axe/tomahawk maker that uses that method. Water-jet the shape and mig weld the edge.
  11. Gerald Boggs

    Plasma Cut Tomahawk?

    Now that I think upon it, you could make the body out of mild (much less money) and weld on the edge. You wouldn't even need the forge, just mig weld.
  12. Gerald Boggs

    Plasma Cut Tomahawk?

    What Alan said, for your intended purpose, 4140 will work fine. Unless of course, you intend to use it to dispose of the body, and then you're back to needing something with a better edge retention. As to which steel then to use, that is outside my ken, all my axes have be laminated with the body out of mild and the edge being whatever I have handy in the shop. You might take a look at 5160, I've read it's the most commonly used steel for successful ABS performance tests.
  13. Gerald Boggs

    Plasma Cut Tomahawk?

    If you're just looking for a "For pretty" or as a throwing tomahawk, then 4140 is a good choice. However, if you're looking for something you can actually use as a cutting tool, you will be disappointed, there just isn't enough carbon in 4140 to give you a good performance edge. 4140 is often used for several reasons: It's cheap, it's easy to heat treat(or rather, it's tolerant of poor heat treatment), it take a lot of abuse, and most importantly, you can get it in plate, which makes good sense if you using a CNC cutter. As a reference, Gransfors Bruks axes are made with steel containing 55 points of carbon.
  14. Gerald Boggs

    Plasma Cut Tomahawk?

    Sure, it's a very common way of making both knife blades and tomahawks. Some of the most successful bladesmiths and tomahawks makers use this method. On thickness, I would think 1/8 is too thin, better to go with the 1/4.
  15. Gerald Boggs

    Can I use a farriers rasp on steel?

    Don't think what you want to do will work very well, but try it and let us know. However hot rasping has it's place in smithing. It's a great way to tidy up work, remove burrs, fish lips, and smooth out a bit of rough forging. An example if where I frequently use it, is to remove the rag that's always left when hot cutting. And no reason to buy a new rasp, long after the rasp is too dull for the farrier, the rasp is still good for hot work.