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  1. I'll have to check, but I was under the impressing that I, as neither student or faculty, don't have request privileges.
  2. Oh Great, tell him he doesn't need it, I was hoping to see the leather mask :-)
  3. Checked and UVA doesn't have a copy. Which would be the first time I've looked for a book and they didn't have it. It must of had a very small printing and poor sales in the start.
  4. I had "Free firewood" one year, all I had to do was split and haul it. The next year I bought firewood and saved money :-)
  5. That's what I thought, but wanted to give the person the benefit of doubt.
  6. Did the Aztecs had metal swords? Was just surfing a bladesmiths site and it appears to say that the Aztecs had metal swords. Not what I learned, but hey, history is making new discoveries all the time.
  7. If you just want to read it, try your local state university.
  8. "Out of the fiery furnace" talks about it. If my memory serves, according to the author, the Chinese did the reverse of case hardening. Cast tools and then remove the carbon from the outer layer.
  9. I thought it was more the case of we didn't know how to keep it out.
  10. Pleas explain why cast iron powder instead of the iron powder. I use the iron powder with good results, if you mix it with powdered anhydrous borax, you gt the same mix as Swan or Iron Mountain, except not at $35 a bottle.
  11. The answer you received was not from the seller. It looks as if the seller hasn't answers any questions. For those interested, here's the company I order from. http://shop.chemicalstore.com/navigation/detail.asp?id=fe100.29
  12. Why not post the question on the Amazon listing? The seller should be able to tell you.
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