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  1. Gerald Boggs

    12" of 6" 4140 idea

    Volume wise, they're about the same, 93 vs 96. Square is nice, but my distributor doesn't carry square stock. Checked for 1045, since it's often almost half the price, but they don't carry it in any large diameters.
  2. Only one of I ever saw, was him hitting himself in the groin with the handle of a sledge handle. Didn't see any reason to watch any more.
  3. Gerald Boggs

    12" of 6" 4140 idea

    Checked with my local steel distributor. I can get a 12 foot length of 6" round 4140, cut into 12" lengths. Weight would be around 96 Lbs. Cost per piece would be $150. Anyone interested? If there's enough interest, could bring to ABANA this June.
  4. Gerald Boggs


    Try internet searching this.
  5. Gerald Boggs


    Wiki actually give a brief description of the blade and handles.
  6. Gerald Boggs


    Anything actually. I've searched google for both Saha and Saha Knife and come up with nothing.
  7. Gerald Boggs


    Now my interest is up, how about a link to read more?
  8. Gerald Boggs


    Sounds like my Irish ancestors.
  9. Gerald Boggs


    Nice video So Jake, why should we call the knife Saha, when the video you posted and praised, was titled "Yakut knife with narrow Fuller. Part 1"
  10. Gerald Boggs

    Bladesmith's Anvil

    Thanks for the info and the offer. I'll pass on the offer, I've already repair a couple and have a handle of the process. Plus, last time I let someone that was suppose to know what he was doing, I had a crack appear on the anvil face as we were loading it in my truck.
  11. Gerald Boggs

    Bladesmith's Anvil

    Sorry, beyond my skill ken. I would still heat, just not as much.
  12. Gerald Boggs

    Bladesmith's Anvil

    Yes, I actully have most of a box of Stoody's from years past, but I don't have a stick. I like the idea of the mig wire, high on the list: Less preheat and post heat required.
  13. Gerald Boggs

    Bladesmith's Anvil

    Thanks, how things change in just a few years.
  14. Gerald Boggs

    Bladesmith's Anvil

    Know this is a old post, but still want to ask for a source of "hard surface wire for a mig welder" I had tried looking a few years ago and found nothing of a size that would work with a shop welder, only large sizes 1/4" Even the local welding supply came up with nothing. So if you know a source, that would be great, I've a couple of anvils I would like to tidy up.
  15. Gerald Boggs

    Chili garlic paste

    Late in seeing these. Jalapenos are, but for myself, I've found as I've aged, I like my HOT, a little less hot. And if anyone is trying to make their own Sriracha, Hoy uses ripe (red) Jalapenos. I made that mistake a few years ago by using the skinny Thai peppers, way to hot for me. Everything but with ice cream. I put a bit of spice on almost every meal.