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  1. Yes to both. I'm thinking for small axes with no need to spread the ends before welding, this is going to be my go-to method. I'll do a second one and take photos along the way.
  2. Cleaned up the belt axe.
  3. Was curious and went looking. According to the CDC, 2,067,404 old folks die every year. The math works out to over 5664 deaths a day for 65 and older. In the USA, we just went over 5000 attributed to the CV. First death of CV was 28 Feb, 33 days times 5664 = 186,915 old folks dead. Of the 5000 CV deaths, how many of them would have been in the 186,915 deaths? Math is why I don't think the response is appropriate to the threat.
  4. I think that's going to put you as the gold standard for fire safety :-)
  5. Just called my steel disturber, they started laughing and assured me, not true. Gun range sent out an email, outdoor ranges still open.
  6. Just checked, so far it's only indoor, so Colonial in Richmond is down, but I belong to Rivanna rifle and Pistol Club, plenty of outdoor ranges.
  7. That's too bad, in Virginia, just about the only places non essential are bars and social event places. The Gov did "Stay in Place" today, but if you read the limitations, it's mostly to stop large gatherings.
  8. I see this as a vastly overblown event. Every year we have flu season and during that six months, 10's of thousands of people die in the US. The CDC estimates in 2017/18, US deaths were as high as 61,000 died. Worldwide in the high 100,000's, with most flu deaths occurring in people over 65. Starting to sound familiar? In 2009, we had the Swine Flu, I don't even remember it. I do remember taking a class at JC Campbell, we still ate family style, ten strangers sharing serving palates and utensils. And by the way, JC Campbell has no hand washing stations in the dining hall. Now mind you, I'm one of those folks that get sick easy. In 2000, I got laid out quick and hard with a flu that once gone, left me with no sense of smell. It was over two years before it returned and I still can't smell most flowers. In Jan 2015, while at JC Campbell I started to feel a “cold” coming on Wednesday. By Friday morning it was so severe, I left class early and barely made it home. For the next 2 weeks, I was laid flat with symptoms near identical with CV. On week 3, most of the coughing and congestion was gone, but the pressure I felt on my chest and the difficulty in breathing was still persisting. I finally went to a hospital outstation. After a lot of blood work, x ray, and poking & prodding, the doctor said “Sorry, I can't find anything”. It was over a month before I could work. So in spite of being a guy that gets 'sick' easy and 60 years old, I'm not seeing anything that makes me see this as anything but a severe flu. Yes, it's caused me to become more diligent about washing my hands, but that's something I should have already been doing. If it wasn't for the news and social media feeding frenzy, this would be getting about as much attention as the swine flu and wouldn't be consider anything more then another particularly bad flu. Excuse me, bad cold, since it's the same family as the common cold.
  9. Nice looking BillyO Along with a few bits of other stuff, finished the handle and the axe play. I wanted to see how simple doing this way would be and I think it's about as simple as it can get. For those interested, stock was 1 1/4 by 5/16 mild. The story about the first photo, I accidentally welded all of it and what you see, is three heats with a chisel. Then after hammering the hell out of it, at the very last bit, the rest pops open :-( Had to re-weld the whole thing.
  10. Couple of the things I did in the forge yesterday. Beginnings of a twisted basket for the handle of a fire poker and now soaking overnight in vinegar, and a simple way to forge an axe. Should finish both today.
  11. No, it's long been traditional to name a virus after its point of origin. So Chinese Virus is correct, as is Wuhan Virus.
  12. Nice read from NPR on 'Death Rates' https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2020/03/27/821958435/why-death-rates-from-coronavirus-can-be-deceiving
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