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  1. That's means the hardy hole should be 1 1/2. Have fun forging tools for it, I know I have. After one hot cut, I just bought a length of 1 1/2 square and welded on the shank :-)
  2. I looked at Ove Glove website, they appear to only have the one Ove Glove: "Heat protection up to 540 degrees"
  3. It's worth remembering that Joseph Stokes wrote this and the two other books in the set, for the rural third world blacksmith. He worked under the idea that folks couldn't just pick up the phone and order steel. So with that in mind, he taught folks to salvage the steel from old vehicles, hence the steel in this case coming from a leaf spring. Upon a visit to Joe's shop in England, the tool and tong method is what he used. He was quite frugal in his use of tool steel and only made the tool as large as necessary. He had about fifty top tools in a cloth pouch on the wall, none of them more
  4. Well, I might be closer, but 2 1/2 hours each way is still a little long just to visit :-) So I just called and asked about the differences between WD1, WD6, and WD24.
  5. Oh No!!! I'm out of chili paste and Huy Fong Foods has warned that due to lack of peppers, sriracha sauce is going to be a shortage. Man, this is like the 'End of the World' news, stockpile while you can! Luckily, I only have to make it to the fall and then my peppers (fingers crossed) will be ripe.
  6. Looked at the Dunlap site, they offer four types handles: Mouse, WD-1, WD-6, and WD-24, with a lot of grades. I didn't see any explanation as to the differences. Since you've mentioned Dunlap several times over the years, i thought I'd ask you :-)
  7. If you mean the backside of the 1075, yes, always. What you want is the back edge to taper to nothing, that way the steel can blend into the wrought.
  8. I'm sure it's just coincidental, but the word Unibomber popped into my mind :-)
  9. If it were me making this, I would just search “tactical full tang hatchet” and pick out one I liked and could make with the least amount of effort. Because in the end, a hatchet, tomahawk, or big kill knife, are just fashion accessories. I can only think of two situations where I could have used a hatchet, and that was in survival school and jungle warfare school. In the case of survival, not allowed, and JWS, we had issue machetes.
  10. I'm having trouble finding it. It's not where I remember placing it, which is up on a 2 by 4 along the shop wall. I'll keep looking, it's somewhere, hopefully not suffering the fate of many a sock.
  11. I'll need to look. Will return tonight or early tomorrow
  12. I've been interested in carving axes and such, enough that I bought the “Carving Swedish Woodenware with Jogge Sundqvist DVD” and his father's book on wood carving. I even found time to forge a few carving axes 1. Is 1.25-1.5lbs a decent size? If the plan is an axe for spoons and perhaps small bowls, then yes. A larger axe would probable be a hindrance to getting a smooth blow, especially for a small person. 2. Is it helpful to put a heavier pole on a hatchet like this? I want to add some extra weight and will either double up the material for the poll or weld it
  13. I think I'll just go real old school and call everything with carbon, "The Good Iron"
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