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  1. Gerald Boggs

    Merits of mild steel San Mai?

    If you're referring to a laminated blade, I don't see why there would be any problem. It's been a pretty common way of forging blades for centuries. It's how I've made most of my blades and it's the technique taught at Gränsfors Bruk forging school and still used by many Scandinavian bladesmiths Or is there something to San Mai that makes it different?
  2. Gerald Boggs

    Thought fer the day, / add yours if you like

    Friedrich Nietzsche: Verily, I have often laughed at the weaklings, who think themselves good because they have crippled claws
  3. Gerald Boggs

    Thought fer the day, / add yours if you like

    Old Japanese saying: The strong eat, the weak are meat.
  4. Gerald Boggs

    Forging round bar by hand. Worth it?

    Or get stronger :-)
  5. Gerald Boggs

    Forging round bar by hand. Worth it?

    It comes down to how good of hammer swing you have :-)
  6. Gerald Boggs

    What did you do in your shop today?

    I had a taste of TiG about 16 years ago, but have forgotten all, I was taking the class more for brazing skills. With the brazing, there's a change in rod angle from Oxy-Acetylene, wonder is it's the same with TIG. But now that I've written it, it should be the same as Oxy-Acetylene.
  7. Gerald Boggs

    Central States Hammer-In & Knife Show

    The Midwest?
  8. Gerald Boggs

    ABANA conference 2020 Saratoga, NY

    It had to be mostly him, we were so busy, it was hard to spend a lot of time with anyone.
  9. Gerald Boggs

    ABANA conference 2020 Saratoga, NY

    What! No congratulates for Matthew?
  10. Never to early to start making plans. The 2020 conference will be held near Saratoga, NY. Mark Aspery has created a Facebook page to keep folks informed on the events doings. For the first time I've ever seen it, the demonstrators have already been selected. Our own Matthew Parkinson will be leading a team for the "Knife and edged tools" tent. Once again, myself and Mark Aspery will be at the teaching tent, Tomahawks are very likely to be present :-) https://www.facebook.com/groups/658025131256702/?ref=bookmarks
  11. Gerald Boggs

    What did you do in your shop today?

    It is and it what gives the hole it shape. Yes, that's it, just a hollow. I filled the box with dirt and then scooped out the size hole I wanted. I didn't take a photo of it, but the finished hole is about twice as large. The idea is to have the hole hold the fuel you need under the fire and then cover it with more. About the same as a bottom blast firebox, except the air is coming from the side. This isn't the only way to do it, but only the way I learned.
  12. Gerald Boggs

    What did you do in your shop today?

    And the first fire, I'm back to work.
  13. Gerald Boggs

    The face is everything

    What I look like when squatting 325 for 5. If you can't do the face, you'll never get strong :-)
  14. Gerald Boggs

    What did you do in your shop today?

    I used my forge at ABANA and since I had to reassemble it, I stopped to take a photo of the bed in raw form. There's several ways to use a side blast, this is the method I learned, fill the box with dirt level to where you want the iron to sit and then scoop out a hollow. In this photo, I've just started the hollow, when I'm finished, the sides will be sloped. I try to have the top 3 inches from the center of the tuyere.
  15. Gerald Boggs

    The first warm evening

    That's fine, I understand you didn't intent to offend, but it looks as if you also didn't spare a moment to think about how your post would read to members of groups. So for that reason, you don't get use the “But that is the trouble with text; the tone is interpreted by the reader" But moving past that. If you would like the chance to watch the likes of Fred Crist, Jerry Darnell, and Peter Ross demonstrate. If having the chance to attend workshops that over the last few years have ranged from wizard bottle openers, blacksmith knives, tomahawks, and basic joinery, then you might consider giving us a go and become active. But remember, we, like all groups, are a volunteer organization. Some members spend many hours working to make it successful. So the question you should be asking isn't what will I get out of it, but what you have to offer, because we are only as strong as our members.