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  1. when you say "black", is that just sub 975?
  2. YouTube. I googled the cutter and got several video reviews and how-to's
  3. My shop is 24 by 16 and I also have a forging area in a sort of garage area which is 22 by 15. Ventilation is the door plus a window for the garage. The shop has solar positive ventilation plus the door
  4. Not to disparage anyone's concerns, but the risk of fire in a clean, well organized shop is pretty negligible. Build the shop to match your desires and if sparks are a concern, a piece of sheet steel between the grinder and the wall will provide all the protection needed. One of my gas forges gets put in the doorway and I use it's base to prop open the door. The backside of the forge is less then six inches from the door and in 15 years has never even scorched the paint.
  5. Try 3000 RR spike bottle openers in 8 months :-) It's been one hook too many
  6. It's an idea, but being a firm Capitalist, I'll stick to things that make me money. Yes but I don't have fall-back job. Right now, the money is too good to walk away and working for myself gives me a great deal of freedom. Of course, the missus just rolled her eyes when I expressed my thoughts. I think I heard her mutter "You poor baby" as she got ready to go to work.
  7. 3/8 mostly and sometimes 7/16 3/4 would be pretty pricey.
  8. Ditto what Alan said. Remember with any wall, you can make racks that bolt into the studs. However, what I did, was use T1-11. Gives it a rustic look and easy to hang stuff on.
  9. It finally happened, the smithing has become a job. I've been doing it full time for 20 years and this year I took two months off to work on the house and not once did I feel the urge to fire up the forge. I did some sitting and thinking and realize that a bit of the flame was gone. It will be interesting to see where I take my business, still got to make a living :-) I know one direction I won't be going, I won't be using my time and skill to make things for people who won't pay for that time and skill.
  10. I'm currently paying a $130 for 200 feet of 1/2 round, including delivery.
  11. It depends on your pocket book. If you can afford to buy and pay shipping of blades steel, only to end up throwing it away, by all means. You''ll still get bevel practice and a bit of heat treatment practice. My personal preference is to first practice on mild and then once I have a clear idea of what I want, make it.
  12. Just curious, why didn't you just follow the method James Austin used ? http://forgedaxes.com/forging-the-swedish-carpenters-axe/
  13. As Alan said, "Pretty Awesome" But as a businessman, 42 hours without pay? Ouch!
  14. It should be noted for those that missed it, the handle is too short, this was going to happen sooner or later :-(
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