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  1. Gerald Boggs

    Practicing the bearded axe

    Just to be clear, no way was I trying to do historical methods, I just liked the challenge :-)
  2. Gerald Boggs

    Practicing the bearded axe

    Are those the ones you have a post showing the process?
  3. Gerald Boggs

    Practicing the bearded axe

    Not so much, my goal was a larger beard, but once the curve got ahead of me, there wasn't enough material for the beard. Sure I could have welded on a bit for the beard, but that was the point of the practice. Best to think of this as "controlled forging" practice.
  4. Gerald Boggs

    Practicing the bearded axe

    Not quite that, hard to explain, but will give it a try. I'm doing something along the lines as Josh Weston with his RR spike axe, except this is a folded and welded eye so I'm doing that first. Then start the curve and as soon as I have enough to hook on the horn, I start to upset the top corner, trying to move the metal in the direction of the beard, fuller the material to develop the beard and repeat. When I say hook the horn: what I'm doing is holding by the eye under the horn and bracing the curve against the far side of the horn. Then upset the top corner in and begin moving the metal along the curve of the horn Fold and weld, here's a photo of the setup of the original
  5. Gerald Boggs

    Practicing the bearded axe

    On the horn, I cycle between upsetting, drawing the beard out and shaping the curve on the horn.
  6. Gerald Boggs

    Practicing the bearded axe

    I like the way it came out, but still, it wasn't what I was trying for.
  7. Gerald Boggs

    Practicing the bearded axe

    A bit of play with forging the bearded axe. I let the curve get ahead of the beard, wanted about an ½ more in width and an inch in length. But since I started with an axe gone bad, no loss. Originally I started with a 10" length of 1 1/2 by 1/2.
  8. Gerald Boggs

    Wanting A Dog’s Head Hammer

    When it comes to slitting chisels, slot punches, and drifts, sharp corners are the bane of good results. You took off the corners on the drift, but on your chisel/punch? you left the corners proud. You'll get better results if you take them down. Also the striking end of the chisel needs to be domed. Not sure what I'm seeing, could be the photo angle, but it looks as if the chisel is wider then the drift.
  9. Gerald Boggs

    Wanting A Dog’s Head Hammer

    Six inches of 1 1/2 square is about 3.83 lbs. Pr-drilling the holes is a good idea. You can also go ahead and drill them out to the width you want. To do that method, lay out two holes so when you drill, there's a small space between them. Plug the holes and drill out the center. Knock out the left over bits and a little time with a file will give you a nice hammer shaped oval. This method is the one used by one of the hammer makers several folks on this site and Iforgeiron have bragged about.
  10. Gerald Boggs

    linseed oil

    I can, but since they've all been wiped and have dried, there isn't any difference.
  11. Gerald Boggs

    Sharpening Tips & Tricks

  12. Gerald Boggs

    Sharpening Tips & Tricks

    Who's using swords?, did the apocalypses happen and I missed the memo :-)
  13. Gerald Boggs

    logo for items made

    On the other hand, looks dead. No web site, no social media, no way to contact said "Old Goat Forge" and as Ron just said, the etsy site is 9 years old and has nothing listed and has never sold anything. Lots of folks start something and don't move forward with it. My first choice for a web site had already been taken, so I pick something else. Few years later, the web domain had never had a web page and had expired. If it was me, I would go ahead.
  14. Gerald Boggs

    How do i get a fiery beard?

    There's a post on the subject.
  15. Gerald Boggs

    linseed oil

    You're welcome. remember this is just what I do, lots of other folks have good results with different approaches. I think if you take anything from this, it's become familiar with what it is you using and how to use it. I'm a big fan of being able to say, even if only to yourself, why you do something or why you use something.