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  1. Master of Yakut knives

    I like to occasionally surf the news of other lands, the Siberian Times is one of those. A video titled "Master of Yakut knives" is on the main page. It's been up for quite a while, but today I thought I would share: http://siberiantimes.com/home/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mM9qUwQjLN0
  2. 5160 and forge welding

    I've heard that 5160 is difficult to weld together, so I had a go. Works OK in a coal forge with borax for flux.
  3. We Have LANDED

    Not sure how much you'll are joking about shooting the poor guys. Just remember, if you don't want something around, stop feeding it. Otherwise, you might want to go into the peacock business, good money in selling peacocks. Heck, just feather collection is a pretty coin. We only have one and we get a lot of nice feathers every summer.
  4. Might be focusing on work a bit too much

    I might be focusing on work a bit too much. Was baking cookies this afternoon and told the missus I would put the next "order" in after I brought in the firewood.
  5. What did you do in your shop today?

    Pros over vinegar?
  6. Hammers

    My opinion: Start with factory hammers and wait until you have a fair amount of experiences with using a hammer before you buy a custom model. There is nothing better about a custom hammer over a factory made hammer(not counting Chinese imports). The only real difference, is with a custom hammer you can get exactly what you want. The reason to wait, is how do you know "exactly what you want" until you have the experience using a hammer. We all have preferences in who we buy from. For hammers, my favorite source is Hammer Source. No cheap Chinese imports, only USA or European made. http://www.hammersource.com/ This is the hammer I use the most: http://www.hammersource.com/Machinist-Hammers/ It says Machinist, but it's the same as the German blacksmith hammer. When you're ready to move on to custom, Brent Baily is the man. I don't what the number is up to these days, but I know he's forged over 12,000 hammers and that was a few years ago. http://brentbaileyforge.com/
  7. 2018 What are your forging plans.....

    Why not bring the little one to the shop with you? I have a friend who's earliest memory is being in his dads shop.
  8. 2018 What are your forging plans.....

    Don't forget the weightlifting to complement the Yoga :-) I really enjoy my classes. In the beginning, I was self-driven to learn and do as much as I could, so it was quite hard on the mind and body. Now, it's more of a social event, learning what's being taught, but not worrying if I don't get everything done. My favorites are when the classes are either in their own shop or hosted by someone. I get to see how other working shops are set up and there's nothing like talking shop in a smiths actual shop.
  9. 2018 What are your forging plans.....

    I'll be spending my non-work forge time, practicing and refining my ABANA tomahawk and trade axe workshops. Plus I need to finish tooling up for ten stations, mostly tongs, the tomahawk drifts I'm going to buy. And as always, I'll take a least one class as part of my professional development.
  10. coal iron press?

    Never mind, remembered to do a forum search. Cheers
  11. Is this knife too much for a beginner?

    I teach one on one classes in my shop. I never have and would never let, anyone use a machine of any type. It's just too dangerous, seen too many folks injure themselves.
  12. What did you do in your shop today?

    Oh, how I want to answer that, but will instead bite my tongue :-)
  13. Man, I love my job

  14. Man, I love my job

    Lots of folks get the leaves plama cut and forge to finish. And just to be a drag, you're not creating a "Ladder Effect" are you?
  15. First Forge Weld

    You realize Alan, the spike he has, is marked with LC :-)