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  1. I'm just sourcing from the Blacksmiths Craft. I know it's all in fun, but where did you get that list?
  2. In the US, it's the same with robberies, Strong Arm robberies out number Armed robberies.
  3. You're correct in saying drawing out/down can only be done by forging, it's one of the six process of the blacksmith: Drawing down, bending, upsetting, hot cutting, punching and drifting, and fire welding.
  4. Yes, I remember trees turning in the fall in Oregon, but I never remember saying "WOW" until I lived in Maine. I think Sugar Maples are the key, they turn an almost glowing florescent color in the fall
  5. From “The Blacksmith's Craft” RDC "Drawing down is the process of increasing the length of a piece of metal and at the same time reducing its cross section". The work is “Drawing Down” the result can be a taper.
  6. Wrong side of the USA. Oregon has lots of trees, but mostly evergreens. It does have, as does all the Northwest, great rivers,falls and the coastline is very scenic. Fall colors is a east coast and especially New England event. Here in Virginia, we do OK, at least in the western half.
  7. Having been born and raised in Oregon, I have to ask "why the Fall"?
  8. While this main focus of this is on blade suitable steels, I'd like to give a couple of examples of new steel prices: My last purchase of mild 1/2 round, 200 feet was $103. That's 51.5 cents a foot. Or about 35 cents a pound? 4140, 3/4 round, 12 feet was $19. This price always various, as low as $15 to as high as $22
  9. Mcmaster-Carr sells steels both annealed and hardened.
  10. Must have misread, I thought he was asking about steel that had been purchased hardened.
  11. If I were to get a bar of hardened steel, I would anneal or normalize it before I started to forge it. While it doesn't always happen, forging hardened steel can result in stress fractures. But this opinion could just be the result of being taught to always start with a stress free bar.
  12. Mark Aspery tales from his apprenticeship, was he had to forge a set of chisels and use them to carve a one inch square hole and then file a cube to fit into it.
  13. Practical and profit go hand to hand :-)
  14. I can't speak for other smiths, but in my case, it's time, effort, and return. The price of new steel is insignificant compared to the time and effort I put into my work. Plus, as is everything I have or use in my business, I can pick up the phone or use the internet to order what I want, any time I want.
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