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  1. I don't look at it quite like that, my view is "What is it worth to the buyer" While I've only sold a few axes (not my market) I do sell a lot of ironwork. The value the market places on something determines it's price. Right now, the market says that's a $300 knife.
  2. Real blacksmiths let the sweat of their hands season the handles And a smiley face for those that don't realize I'm joking :-)
  3. Handles are a personal choice. Preferences by experienced smiths run the gambit of shapes, sizes and styles
  4. I'm not a carver, but having relatives on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, has exposed me to decoy carving. Most of the blades carvers use are quite small, normally less the two inches in length. A quick search for decoy carving or Swedish carving knife will show examples of what I'm talking about.
  5. If you take about five inches of 3/4 round, that will give you the drift the you use to get the hole. First a short taper on each end and then flatten it into a oblong, it will be about 7/8 by 1/2" The drift to give you a hour glass hole will the tapered drift. Whatever size and shape the first drift is, try to match the proportions with the tapered drift . I'm pretty sure Mark has some youtube's that show this. On the book, If you have a local blacksmith group, they might have a copy. I was joking about the round eye for the rounding hammer.
  6. Rounding hammer. Actually, I use the round drift for a lot of other things.
  7. Both, but more of an oblong then oval. Mark's book has all this in great detail
  8. Having just posted that, went back to the Klein and saw a "Buy Online" button. It gives you links and prices to a number of seller.
  9. If you get any, shop around. On-line Home Depot is $20, Amazon seller is two for $182.
  10. If we're going to talk about alternatives, I put my axes and blades in a tumbler.
  11. Know at this point, I'm sounding like a stuck record. Get Mark Aspery's first book. It will show in great detail and explanation, how to forge a punch, drift and hammer eye drift. He introduced me to the Klein Tools bull pins https://www.kleintools.com/catalog/pins/standard-bull-pins They're already tapered, great for all manner of drifts
  12. In the late 80's they were bragging about being the last completely USA Made woodworking tools. So sad
  13. Porter Cable was once one of the finest American made, wood working, power tools, (I have several and they're among my best tools) then sometime in the late 90's something happened and the name is just something put on cheaply made Chinese crap.
  14. I think if I had ever asked my grandmother for a recipe, she would have looked at me and said "What recipe?, you just make it" :-) Although, I really, really wish I had her Minced Meat recipe.
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