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  1. Interesting, got any references for that, I'd like to read more.
  2. In case you haven't thought about it, remember the big Blue and I think also, the MZ 75 are going to need a large air compressor. Wiring, if you don't already have the 220, space for the compressor and let there be no doubt, a compressor is loud.
  3. Visited Atlas Tools web site, we talked about them before, still the made in China products and apparently, you have to do the finishing "New anvils will require dressing. This is the process of grinding your anvil smooth to your liking. An angle grinder with a 40/80/120 flap wheel will only take a few minutes to dress the horn, corners, step, etc." If all you want is a block of steel, sans horn, why not get a piece of 4140 from your local steel distributor? Mine has round up to 12" diameter, or they did last I checked and a lot cheaper then $500
  4. That and other prices by pound were nothing more then a fiction created by armchair smiths. Prices are what someone will pay. I have four anvils that I paid $600 each, a 35 lb, 100lb, 400lb and 600+ lb. The 35 was in great shape and just so cute :-)
  5. I have in the quest of seeing how sharp I could get my firmer chisels, have ventured into the paring chisel's angle and found that yes, you can easily roll the edge. Of course, I was whacking it with a mallet :-)
  6. No reason not to, but why would you think you need to? The reason for quick disconnects, is to allow you to quickly disconnect the fuel lines for the fuel source. I don't have them on my tanks, but my tanks are outside, so if I every had a problem, I would go outside and turn the tanks off. I have worked in a couple of shops that had them, the first had quick disconnects at the point when the fuel lines entered the shop, which was right next to one of the fire exits and where we had a fire extinguisher. The other was a requirement of the Charlottesville fire department. They came by and s
  7. While I've read foxes can go into a killing frenzy, foxes are generally snatch and go. If she's getting chickens without heads, I'd say Weasels.
  8. I'd get some, but I still have 30' of 1.5 by .25 5160 that I have yet to do anything with :-)
  9. Not germane to buying steel on-line, but not being a member of the BBB is not a red flag. Neither I nor any of the several shops I've worked in, have been members of the BBB nor members of the Chamber of Commerce. Most of the folks I know, think of both as not much more then a scam for taking hardworking folks money.
  10. My understanding: Most of the time foxes hunt at night. However, if need is there, such as feeding kits, they will hunt in the day. My experience has been dawn and dusk. What I've learned to do, is not let my chickens out first thing in the morning, instead wait a couple of hours. I work at home and my shop and the chicken coop are next to each other, so I'm generally around during the dusk and that also helps. Other then hawks and dogs, nothing else hunts in the day.
  11. So speaks people without chickens :-)
  12. I forged this Boline years ago, I occasionally get emails about making another one, however, I have no interest in it. So, is anyone interested in being sent emails about making one of these. The handle doesn't need to be horn.
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