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  1. That's quite nice, and as it started life as a ball peen, Bloody Nice :-)
  2. It appears to be the same old stuff; lot's of words, but still just either linseed oil, soy oil, or a blend of both. Red flag on one of their products is the use of the word “Finish” in their Tung Oil Finish. That tells you that while it has some Tung oil, is likely mostly linseed oil.
  3. If you can, I would go back and talk with the instructor you took the class from. His/her shop would be an excellent place to see what you need. If that's not possible, visit your local blacksmith group, most often, some of them will also be bladesmiths and will have a wealth of knowledge/advice to share.
  4. You do realize, you wrote out the formula with your question; length x thickness x height The taper's are best ignored, as the inconsistency of forging/grinding will cause much variation in outcome. However, if you insist on attempting to include them, simple fold the taper in half before you calculate. Examples of this can be found in Mark Aspery's third book, but here's a simple one: if your blade is 6" long and the taper is consistent, then if you fold the blade in half, you will have a rectangle 3" long.
  5. Not to disparage the technological advances of an culture that vanished 7000 years ago, but blacksmith Lewis Temple did indeed invent his Toggle Harpoon. In mid 1800's, there could have been no way for Mr. Temple to have be aware of anything anyone had done outside his own immediate area. That someone else had already applied the concept, just shows that there's nothing new under the sun Here's a article from the Bedford Whaling Museum on Mr. Temple and his harpoon. In it, the comparison to “ancient Eskimo-style harpoons” is made and it has couple of nice photo's of the Toggle Har
  6. It's not really dodgy, just not in the style I was taught. Which is: take about 2 1/2 feet of 1/4 round, heat the middle and starting from the side nearest you, wrap it around the flatter until it's back to you. Put a few twists in it to snug up the wrap, forge weld the ends together and then open the area between the weld and the twists to give you a tidy handle.
  7. There's been all sorts of ways of welding up tools. The only way to get any idea of just how an old piece was welded, is to put it in the vinegar for the night. I did that to an old belt axe and it was welded up from at least three pieces with the edge piece laid along one side.
  8. I was unaware that the rest of Virginia is ashamed of Chicoteague and Assateague
  9. I've no experience in this area, but what about room temperature blacking, like Birchwood's Presto Black or Caswell's Black Oxide Kit? https://www.birchwoodtechnologies.com/products/black-oxide/steel/room-temperature/ https://caswellplating.com/black-oxide-kit-1-25-gal.html
  10. I keep meaning to have a go at it. I started to practice a couple of years ago, but have let other efforts move me in different directions.
  11. I could, quality and skill certainly aren't a requirement to post on YouTube, nor to appear on TV. However, until I stop making more money then I ever made doing anything else, I think I'll keep making hooks and fireplace pokers.
  12. I thought unless we're talking about media, if made for personal use, copyright didn't apply.
  13. First thoughts: What purpose is the knife intended for and would you like to use it? I've only made a few knifes, and all have been for me and mine, so the design was driven by what I wanted and would use.
  14. On small stuff, not so bad, but putting the curve and helix on a curved handrail was a three man job. You had to hold both ends, otherwise the shock wave from hitting would mess-up what you had already done.
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