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  1. Gerald Boggs

    Trying to work out what to do next.

    I would show up. meet people, make friends and contacts, volunteer to help set up. Become part of Northwest blacksmith association, some of the best blacksmiths around are part of that group.
  2. Gerald Boggs

    Trying to work out what to do next.

    Have you thought about going to your local blacksmith group and ask them? The Northwest Blacksmith Association is have a meeting/demo next week at the expo center in Longview. https://blacksmith.org/
  3. Gerald Boggs


    And very nicely done, thanks for the video.
  4. Gerald Boggs

    Grimfrost Books

    A good way to get a more complete understanding of the Vikings is to listen/watch to The Vikings by Professor Kenneth W. Harl, Ph.D. It's part of the Great Courses, and lucky for me, it's in my local library. https://www.thegreatcourses.com/courses/vikings.html
  5. Gerald Boggs


    There's lots of things that work. You can get ready made products like those already mentioned or you can make your own. Bee's wax or paraffin mixed or not with an oil and thinned will work fine. The mix sailers of old put on the hemp rigging was mostly tar and linseed oil.
  6. I just turn the forge off as I put in or take out stuff. Some folks have even a foot pedal switch for just that purpose.
  7. At the risk of sounding like a parent, just be more careful. I seldom wear gloves and other then the occasional bit of scale, very seldom burn myself. About the only time I wear a glove, is on my holding hand when fire welding axes. If glove you will wear, then cotton gloves with cuff, I recommend.
  8. Gerald Boggs

    Restoration help

    I don't think it will dissolve it, but I also don't think it matters, the thinned linseed oil is going to around the spots. The proportions will work, what I wrote was just a guideline. If you want to get really fancy, you can make your own varnish. Varnish was often made with linseed oil and shellac, there should b some recipes on-line, I meet a violin maker that made his own.
  9. Gerald Boggs

    Restoration help

    My recommendation, whether it's leather or birch, soak the handle in thinned linseed oil. It will re-hydrate the material and fill in the spaces. Start with linseed oil thinned 1/4 with thinner and in four steps of soaking and drying, increase the strength of the oil with the last 4/1. Save the sanding for afterwards, then you can apply a final coat. The reason for the thinner, linseed has high viscosity and if applied without thinner, will soak in very little.
  10. I looks I was correct, but that's the way of groups.
  11. Gerald Boggs

    Grimfrost Books

    It could be, the description on Amazon sounds like what I read. I did a search and while that title is listed soon to be for sale, I can't find a site that list both of them and no sale site lists the first title. I'm guessing the publishers thought a change in title would better sales. Mind you, this is the type of book to be found at your local university, that's where I read it. Off topic: most public universities are open to the public and if you're a state resident, you can check out books.
  12. Gerald Boggs

    Grimfrost Books

    No opinion on those books, but if you want to expand your understanding of the Vikings, I recommend this book. . The Viking Way: Religion and War in Late Iron Age Scandinavia by Neil Price Here's a description of the author and book from the web site https://norse-mythology.org/10-best-advanced-norse-mythology-books/ "Neil Price is an archaeologist who specializes in Viking Age northern Europe. His great gift, in addition to the sheer depth of his knowledge of the Old Norse world, is his ability to find connections and implications in a body of data that hundreds of others before him have missed. That ability and that wealth of knowledge are on full display in The Viking Way, which is actually Price’s doctoral dissertation. In The Viking Way, Price regales the reader with lavish descriptions of the techniques the Vikings used in their practice of magic and their practice of war, as well as the position the two occupied within the Vikings’ religion and worldview more broadly. By the end, Price is able to come to far-reaching conclusions that reshape our understanding of that religion and that worldview. Unfortunately, The Viking Way is currently out of print. It appears that a second edition is in the works, but for now it can be difficult to find. (Hence the lack of an Amazon link here – used copies rarely show up even on Amazon.) If you find it for sale, buy it, and if you find it at a library, check it out. You’ll be very glad you did."
  13. Gerald Boggs

    Is there a way to twist a railroad spike without a vice?

  14. What ever happened to the Old Dominion Bladesmiths group?
  15. Gerald Boggs

    ABANA Conference 2018, Richmond, Virginia

    It does seem pricey at first glance, but look at all that's being offered. And if that doesn't entice you enough, there are one day passes for $100. https://abana.org/conference/2018-richmond-va/conference-demonstrators/ http://dwe6ja.attendify.io/