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  1. Maybe, but scissors have no coolness :-) Having a big Messaluna has both coolness and style.
  2. First time I saw one, it was being used to cut pizza.
  3. It's like a curved draw-knife in reverse :-)
  4. Nice fish, but I'm disappointed, I thought this was going to to be about a crocodile or large snake :-)
  5. I thought "Biscayne trade axe" when I first saw your post.
  6. Even if you neutralize with baking soda? I ask because my experience with doing a vinegar soak, followed by a wash with hot soapy water and baking soda, then apply a wax finish has given me good results.
  7. In my experience, grinder sparks will easily ignite out to 8 feet. Don't know how much further, as the wall was there :-)
  8. I put them in to add mass to the media.
  9. Did you learn anything or was it just entertainment?
  10. My take on Japanese tools, is near absolute utility. Quite unlike that with which they make with the tools, nothing is done except what is needed for performance. The word Spartan comes to mind. That might very well be the reason for so little information, nothing exciting about a boring old axe or saw. Yes, I agree, they appear to make tools to do a specific job and have a tool for each. I remember a photo of a wood worker's shop and he had somewhere between 50 and a 100 different saws. The knife in the first picture appears to be a European/American design. A lot of f
  11. It's great to see cool projects coming along :-)
  12. No idea, but I'm going to try to repeat this. This took a few months, so it will be a while.
  13. Nope, new steel. What I find really interesting, is the ring that formed on the ends.
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