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  1. Ace Hardware, Home depot and of course, Amazon all carry them.
  2. Looking at photos of Japanese made hammers, they appear to have a narrower width to length ratio. On this page, I would guess the hammer eye is 1/2 by 1 1/2-3/4. https://www.fine-tools.com/hiroki-aida-hammer.html As for handle size, that's all across the board, there is no answer beyond personal preference. However, if you're trying to match the handles of the Japanese, then long and slender appears to be the rule, similar to what farriers use with their rounding hammers If you don't have a power hammer, I would recommend using a Klein 1 5/16 round drift as the s
  3. Perhaps for some, but in many parts of the world, Rwanda comes to mind, EDC is a machete.
  4. EDC is dependent on your daily life. The needs of a cowboy and the needs of a warehouse worker are going to be different. A while back I forged a blade for myself for use around the shop and yard. By the time I got done, I had a stout box knife. I did a survival course back in the 80's. We were allowed one knife, I chose the Swiss Army Knife, which at the time was my EDC, and it easily did all that I needed.
  5. This is a bit outside my skill set, but I think depending on which side the horizontal is on, it can be either 20 Amp 125 or 240 I looked and came across 5-20P and 6-20P Plugs, 125 and 240 respectively. But again, outside my skill set.
  6. Wire wrapped handles work well for this.
  7. I think that this part of her post makes not having a go at it, not possible. "The very nice gentleman who made me my power hammer asked for a skinning knife with a gut hook."
  8. The BAM site is a great resource, but get Mark Aspery's books. Even just the first one, will take you a long way into the skills of the Blacksmith. Connect with your local group, a lot of them have copies to check out.
  9. Ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes and a pushy bear banging on the door at night looking for food, Heaven indeed. :-)
  10. New England, also known as the Land of the good Yankee, is quite active with blacksmiths and bladesmiths. Look around and find your local group, you'll be pleased with how supportive they are with new folks. On blacksmiths in NE, the NEB is having their fall meet this weekend at Brentwood NH. Great place to meet, greet and ask questions. http://www.newenglandblacksmiths.org/2021/07/2021-fall-meet/
  11. if you've a woodworking supply store near you, they would likely have the knowledge.
  12. A little outside my knowledge base, but the only water resistant and shiny finishes, are varnish and polyurethane, and they're going to leave a finish that might be a bit slippery
  13. According to its SDS, it's just mineral oil, which you can buy at any grocery store for 2-3 dollars a pint.
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