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  1. That was one of my thoughts, but standing on one foot and not being able to move around, nixed that idea
  2. Going by memory of using wood handle knifes in my mom's restaurant, I don't remember the wood ever needing any special care. We just wiped down the blades and handles after we used them. The only handles I saw that could have used some TLC, were the steak knifes that got sent through the dish washing machine, both the temperature and harsh detergent stripped the handles of any oil or finish.
  3. The Old Dominion Blacksmith Association held a chisel forging workshop at the Floyd Center for the Arts. Welding on the high carbon for the edge turned out to be an excellent way of introducing new folks to forge welding. Since it's just a piece of 1" square sitting on top of the chisel body, the only tricking part was being steady while putting it into the fire and removing, only had one fall off, but he got it on the second try :-) Everyone, including some novices were successful in getting the weld.
  4. While back I was working really hard to improve my photography skills. I've apparently have been successful, I've come across two more sites using my photos. One was the Thor's hammer again and the other a bottle opener. It almost makes me want to return to facebook so I can post nasty but deserved comments about them.
  5. I don't know what it's called, but it sometimes happens when you don't completely submerge the piece. But that is a bigger buildup then I've seen
  6. Thanks, I remember this, but had forgotten. Great stuff.
  7. Alan, what method did you use to forge the belt axe? Punch or fold and weld.
  8. Back in 2008, I sold my first nail and all 699 that went with it and thankfully, I've never made a nail again.
  9. Lovely looking area, but based on your beard and posted lifestyle, I really expected you to be living in some remote cabin in the hinterlands :-) Just out of curiosity, what's the source of income for the rest of the population of Lawrence?
  10. I'm out of any information loop on equipment thefts*, but anything with value will be stolen and it really doesn't any more value then the price of scrap metal. *I always thought my area was pretty crime free, until I started reading the crime blotter. Fair enough, welcome to the forum.
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