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  1. If you're willing to spend the coin, this company is real. https://www.realwroughtiron.com/
  2. So you did, I overlooked that in my shock at the price of $150.
  3. Yes, but you can get it used for $38 :-) or $53 if fulfilled by Amazon
  4. I'm fond of "Metallurgy Fundamentals" by Danial Brandt. It's a basic level book that lets you ease into the world of metallurgy. Don't know what the price is to buy, but at least in my area, copies are in all three of the local libraries.
  5. No idea, but these folks might https://naginata.org/
  6. Thank you very much for the reply :-) Maybe I'll forge them into a pair of small axes and soak them in acid to bring out the texture.
  7. OK, I found a few more spikes. Of them, only one was clearly WI, the rest sparked close to HC modern spikes, but one of them when I cut and bend, didn't break cleanly like steel does. So I put them overnight in muriatic acid and two of the three, etched like WI. Anyone know what these might be?
  8. Interesting, I've used left handed scissors with no trouble, but since that means I would have to carry a pair around, I found it easier to teach myself to use scissors with my right hand.
  9. As any left-hander has learned the first time they try to use them :-(
  10. I'm a full time blacksmith and while I have a 600lb, 400lb and used to have a 215lb, I use a 100lb anvil for most of my work. The 600 is mostly just to look cool in the shop.
  11. What other parts of the tracks were wrought iron? I've come across quite a few bits over the years and chucked them in the recycle bin. Now I'm wondering if I should have been checking see what it was. I'm near the old Blue Ridge Tunnel and Afton was a busy little railroad stop back in it's day. Once it was over, all the RR buildings was razed and bulldozed. If you didn't look at the old photos, you'd never know there was ever a stop.
  12. On the corner of my land was a country store, I've thought for years about digging around and see whats what. Also, across the road was a blacksmith shop, for years they dumped trash and clinker across the back lane (now main road), onto what is also my land. Maybe I'll start poking around there with a shovel.
  13. Thanks for the answer, but no need for the photo, unless you want to share with others. I asked because while digging in a new raised bed, I dug up a spike. Did the cut and bend and it acted like WI.
  14. I've done a bit of searching and not found anything, so here I've come, hat in hand. Do any of you Masters of Lore, know if wrought iron was ever used for railroad spikes?
  15. Not familiar with the product, but the SDS lists Gallic acid as an ingredient. Best I can tell, Gallic acid and Tannic acid are basically the same thing. Here's a article "Tannic Acid Coating for Rusted Iron Artifacts" https://www.canada.ca/en/conservation-institute/services/conservation-preservation-publications/canadian-conservation-institute-notes/tannic-acid-rusted-iron-artifacts.html I seem to remember, if you boil your hunting traps in a mixture of whole crushed walnuts and water, it will blacken them and offer some rust protection.
  16. Have you tried looking for blacksmiths/bladesmiths in Northern Norway? They would likely be in a position to help you find an anvil. Too bad Telemark is in the South.
  17. What angle are you making the edge?
  18. Help me out, what is an "asymmetrical centre back seam" and how do I see it?
  19. He does make nice hammers, I have two of the "Mark Aspery" style.
  20. Once again, I'll take this opportunity to advise folks to get Mark Aspery's first book. it has quite a bit of information and how-to on making and using punches and drifts, including steel section. He also has number of Youtube videos which support the book.
  21. Camping reservations made, I'll be at the same campsite. That will be nice :-)
  22. If the is a one-off, no idea, but if you're planning on doing a number of these, then maybe a top and bottom tool. Press them at the same time and you should get a tight fit.
  23. That's not crap, that's premium fertilizer with plenty of soil conditioners :-)
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