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  1. Those sound tasty. I haven't started to experiment with flavors, still getting a hand of the basic process. I've made sauerkraut, if you do the squeeze method to bring out the juice, it's a great grip workout :-) Tried fermenting pickles, the first jar was really good, but the rest were soft and lacked the taste of the first jar. I'm thinking part of the problem is I live in a area of hot summers and have no cool room. This year I'm going to try planting the cucumbers late and start the fermenting in the fall.
  2. Fermented chile-garlic paste is Good Stuff. I've been making my own sauce and paste for a few years and this year I decided to give fermenting a try, the results were WOW!!! My canned Chile-garlic paste was good, but the fermented is GREAT! I used ripe (red) jalapeno peppers and lots of garlic. Big bonus, fermenting is easier and less work then water bath canning. So how much do I like this stuff? Last Sept/Oct, I made a little over a gallon of it (almost 4 liters for you poor metric folks) and I've just opened my last pint. The other pint is corn salsa, and it's become my favorite salsa. I've gone through 12 pints of it. Note to self: Make a lot more this year :-)
  3. Too far for me :-( Did you post this on CBA's site? A lot more blacksmiths and bladesmiths would see it
  4. Press will work. I asked, as I once forged by hand a hot cut out of 2" 4140. Never again :-)
  5. I've seen Mark cut cold 3/8 by 1 inch on his. Looking in his book, he calls it a guillotine. It's something that's been around for a while, Mark and Brian are just two folks I know who have posted photos of it on the web.
  6. While lever actioned, both Mark Aspery and Brian Brazeal show a simple shear that attaches to the anvil stand.
  7. To be fair, the seller probably didn't know that non-necessary information of the listing doesn't need to be filled out. I sell on Amazon and the blocks to fill out is quite extensive.
  8. Whatever hasn't found it's way to the wood stove. Right now that's mostly Ash and bit of Black Walnut.
  9. Is anyone interested in a set of blanks for forging the slot punch and drift for forging hammer eyes? As I buy in bulk,I get good prices on 4140. Thought I'd share the savings and the cost of shipping. If so, I'll bring some down. It's ¾ round and the drift is 5” and the punch is 6 1/2”. Price would be $5. If you've got Mark Aspery's first book, the forging instructions are in there.
  10. Thanks, I was thinking about 6 for IITH, but not planning on doing any selling, just go and enjoy. BOWIE'S HAMMER-IN 2022
  11. Not sure about bright or dark, but sometimes barrels are made from 4340 steel, which would have about 1% nickel.
  12. Rather then dig through my overflowing shelves of stuff I've made over the years, how about a bunch of RR spike bottle openers with the event's name and this years date?
  13. One of the details I'm working on for my workshops, since the goal is making with hand tools, is putting together the bits needed for someone to go home and make their own kit. In this case, 6 1/2" of 4140 for the punch, 5" of the same or mild for the drift, and since I can save on the shipping by ordering bulk, the Klein bullpin* for the hammer eye drift. *McMasters lists them as Hole-alignment tools
  14. Sorry, thought I was posting in "Events" Alan would you move it please. Plus, here's a couple of photos of a smaller hammer still in the rough. We should be able to get everyone to at least this point by the end of the day.
  15. How about I bring my best work for show and tell, and put my less then best work in Iron in the Hat?
  16. Old Dominion will be having a hammer making workshop on the 12th of March. Don't know if it's filled, if interested, contact at odbsava@gmail.com We'll be forging a simple hammer inspired by the Mästermyr hammers. The focus, as with all my workshops, is to provide a process that uses no or little power tools.
  17. Has anyone heard of anything of substance about this yearly event? I was looking at my local Craigslist and this posting showed under "Blacksmith" https://winchester.craigslist.org/gms/d/rileyville-blacksmith-gathering-flea/7438121276.html Visited the Facebook page and other then some poseur videos, nothing. I can't find a single page on the internet that has any information beyond the date.
  18. Got my reservations for camping. I'll be traveling alone with a Scamp. Host says each site can have up to four people and adding tents is fine, so if anyone wants to camp with me, message me. I await the event sign-up :-)
  19. Wait!, I thought this was all about beer and whiskey drinking.
  20. So we're thinking of a Japanese laminated viking sax blade made with modern methods?
  21. Just a heads up on posting lots of photos in one's post. I'm on satellite and it takes time for the photos to show. I'm probably not the only one with this limitation and their response is probably the same as mine, I just click off the posting and never read nor see what you posted.
  22. In case you're wondering what happens when you don't take the necessary precautions: "A Hanover County family is in shock after one man was killed in an explosion. Hanover Fire and EMS confirmed the victim, was cutting the top off of a 55-gallon barrel when flammable vapors ignited." Name edited out
  23. I see you're in Missouri, you might try the tailgate section at the BAM conference. http://bamsite.org/
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