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  1. Know nothing about O-1, but your weld is odd looking. It's like you scarfed one end but didn't the other. That perpendicular angle of most of the weld area made any welding difficult. When doing a lap weld, both pieces need to have a short scarf tapering down to a fine point. If not, the non-scarfed piece will just cut into the other piece, as it looks to have happened here.
  2. Your question doesn't really have a answer, there's just too many variables to say “This press is best for beginners” Plus, while many of us have used a number of different presses, I don't think any of us have used enough presses to claim a broad working knowledge of which press is best for beginners. One point to consider, if you get a press just to get started, how soon will you outgrown that press and can you afford to spend the money a second time. Look around where you live and see if there's any smiths that might let you get a taste on their press. There's nothing like in-person advice and tasting. Having said all that, I've used the Coal Iron 16 ton and it appears fine for general use.
  3. You might back off on the design a little and go with a simple wrap without a poll, think of it as learning by starting simple :-) Here's a chapter from Joseph Stokes book, as you can see from the drawings, the design is very much like the one you originally showed. https://www.fao.org/3/ah637e/AH637E26.htm
  4. I'm tired of the rust and have almost reached the point where I'll take the time to build covers for my anvils and boxes that I can flip open for my tools. I'm trying to tell myself I'll really do it this winter :-)
  5. So true, this weekend I was looking at the web site of a smith not far from me. He has a photo of his tool rack which has at least twenty sledge hammers.
  6. Don't remember if I ever posted this and Rob Davis's recent post brought it to mind. https://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?/topic/42285-snapped-a-blade-and-would-appreciate-a-diagnostic-of-the-steel/ My experience with old files is that they're often rife with cracks. I noticed this the first time I soaked a butch of old files in vinegar to clean them up. A couple more times and the same results.
  7. I'm about to read a book by a blacksmith on, you guessed it, blacksmithing. I know nothing about this smith, when I visited his web site, this is what he says about how he works: “Only traditional techniques are used at the forge. All work is forged by hand” However, when I look at the photos of his hand tools, all the tools are covered in rust, some of the rust indicates years of non-use. Now I don't know how he works, and don't care, but if you're going to show me tools, at least show me the tools you actual use :-)
  8. That's odd that a company would do that, because iron powder is more expensive then cast iron powder.
  9. I've been with Homestead a long time and they offer a business platform. They used to be top tier, but after Intuit bought them, they were left behind and become bottom tier. Supposedly the company that now owns them has started to bring them into the 21st century, but I'll have to do some reading to see if that's true. I've got friends that use Square for shows and have gotten good comments on it.
  10. Why not just buy cast iron powder? USA is $11 a pound (2.2 pounds to the kilo) and $45 for 5 pounds.
  11. Which company did you go with for credit cards?
  12. Aside from using Ebay, Etsy, or Amazon, is anyone selling on-line using their own web store? I've been selling on Etsy and Amazon, and doing well, but 15% is quite the bite. So I've been thinking about starting my own store.
  13. So what makes these any better then all the other Chinese made tools? That's the way, really, if you can make a good knife, you already have the skills and think of the cool factor.
  14. It's good for children to learn a trade and if it helps you, all the better.
  15. That's a fine idea. I'm not yet making sheaths, but when I do, I'll remember that.
  16. If watching or even learning about Historical European Martial Arts is of interest to anyone, there are numerous organizations practicing such, and along the way they have produced quite a number of videos.
  17. Yes, there are good videos on YT, but do you see the difference between recommending “Youtube” and recommending a specific person on Youtube? Without knowing where to go, simply looking on YT is like looking for the proverbial “needle in the haystack”
  18. True, but the world would be better off if many of those producing videos, didn't. Weeding through the trash and videos produced by those that don't know what they're talking outweigh the good by a large margin.
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