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  1. Thanks for the tip Alan, I will give it a go tonight and let you know the results. I appreciate all the help you and everyone else has sent my way, and for your patience.
  2. Thanks for the input everyone. I went ahead and did coat everything with the ITC. It is a castable refractory inner shell with Kaowool Backing it to the shell. Sorry for the picture problem...working on that. The burners that I am using Rex Price's 1 inch burner. Absolutely love it!!! When I adjust the flame outside of the forge I get a beautiful neutral flame. Once I mount it though there is a very orange flame exiting the forge. Is this an exhaust problem or is not enough air being supplied to the burn? When I heat some steel in it though there is a lot of scaling, that tell me I have an oxidizing flame. Very confused on this matter. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration!
  3. Hello everyone! After months of lurking in the background and trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can, I have finally plucked up enough courage to post. I finally finished my forge. Here is the WIP[/img I fired it up and it seems to be hitting welding temp, a piece of steel i put in for 15 minutes was bright yellow. I have not coated the inside with ITC-100 yet, Should I. Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!
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