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    hunting, fishing, aspiring to beat on hot metal. reading and xbox....yes i said xbox. former military so love military history.

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  1. everytime I think I have seen the limit...something like this comes along and blows my socks off. Wow you are a artist for sure.
  2. wow...thats all I can really say. learn something every minute on this forum.
  3. zeke reed

    SciFI W2

    looks very functional, kinda a multi-tool without the leatherman gizmo's. all in all I like the look and imagine it feels good in the hand.
  4. I don't know why but I really like the wrap on your handle, just finishes the whole thing. Nice blade.
  5. Scary stuff, I work with explosives day in and day out. Propane scares the hell outta me. Explosives I have a respect for, and follow the rules. Propane...well it just scares me. Thanks for posting this, might save someones life.
  6. Hey Matt, I just keep coming back to this and reading and studying the pics. Just talked to the railroad shop foreman for my anvil. Should have one soon. went out to the garage and am starting to rearrange it so I can get the rebuild done. you have definetly inspired me to get off my ass. LOL
  7. everytime I get on this forum, I wonder what I will see. everyday it's something that just floors me, and I wonder, if I will ever turn something like this out for review. A beautiful piece that you have done, intimidating at the same time.
  8. nice job Matt, thanks for the photo's showing your process. I am really starting to enjoy Micarta vs. wood or horn. Zeke
  9. matt, i love the handle detail in the next to last pic. awesome work. how did you do it? beautiful stuff.
  10. zeke reed

    Roman blade

    Don't know what it says, but love the lines and finish of this knife. Very nice piece.
  11. wow, thanks for brining us on that trip. think i need a cigarette and a glass of water LOL!!! damn nice.
  12. nice knife jonathan, is that a leather spacer in the handle? about how long did it take to fit the handle?
  13. Alan, I have yet to do anything with steel or wood, and everyday I come here, stare at the screen with mouth wide open and awe struck eyes. Not really a hawk guy, but JEEEEEZZZZ you do awesome work. I love it that you all share your techniques and fustrations, and yes your pride. Thanks again for sharing, another piece that inspires me, and makes me want to spend lots of money. LOL Thanks.
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