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  1. Planning on making it down, looking forward to seeing that big mill in action. I've stayed at The Comfort Inn in Catonsville several times, it's very affordable and it's less than ten minutes away from the forge.. and if your towing a big ass trailer there's a parking lot out back to park.
  2. Due to limited space in the new shop I'm selling my #8 (250lb) hammer. This was a running machine when I made the purchase. I've complete stripped the machine of rust and repainted. This hammer has a jack shaft pulley system which slows the bpm. I built a 3" oak frame to mount it, I also purchased 3 sets of dies. The hammer has a fairly new 7.5hp 3ph motor. The springs have a repair (welded on the outside of the springs) but have been used as is for many years. Price is $6,500/bo and the hammer is located in Chatham MA. I can send pics upon request.
  3. I'll definitely be there, I'd also be willing to compensate anyone for their time/gas money who could pick up dies from Lee. I also just got an email last week from Tim and am awaiting invite details.
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