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  1. You can steal the design but not the idea.
  2. I used a 4" cutoff wheel to make slot. I tried the hot chisel but it did distort so I cheated and used the wheel
  3. Small friction folder I finished up awhile back I hate sawdust in my shop and waiting for glue to dry so I am always looking for ways to avoid using wood. Blade forged from 1084 and the rest is mild steel reverse twisted. IMG_1668.MOV IMG_1657.heic
  4. Thank you. They are good sellers. I get burned out with making them though.
  5. I have a small shop and hate cleaning up sawdust. I used 1084 for the blades and large garage door spring for the handles. Have a great weekend!
  6. Yes. I carry one with no issues. Thanks
  7. Frank Barnes


    Fancy Friction Folder I did a few of these this weekend. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing any handles or making a sheath for fixed blades .
  8. That’s funny. I got my spring from a coworker
  9. I have been trying different ideas on how to make a friction folder with only two pieces of steel and a pin this is my latest attempt 12” of garage door spring and a piece of file
  10. Here’s a couple friction folders I’ve recently finished both 1084 blades and whitetail antler
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