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  1. hope this clarifies as for the blue, Charles - that's from a filter on my cheap phone, to bring out the details as the fuller isn't super crisp in person. I hope it's not too misleading - I'm probably wicked enough to get most any blade glowing, tho
  2. honored, Alan Thank you for your work on the forum. i have to remember, i finished this about a year ago - the handle was made like so: the guard and pommel are connected by sort of a frame construction, which gave the shape of the grip. iirc i wrapped it with just a layer of rayskin, epoxied. i laquered it with some automotive rattle can emerald metallic - along with the furniture (masked off the blade) then i had to trial and error cut out an over-wrap of green deer skin. I'll draw a picture, but picture a piece for a standard leather grip wrap, but with tw
  3. finish-welded the stand, painted & hard-wired a 2 pole 3hp rated switch. and corrected an ugly weld on the front foot :{}
  4. instead of angle iron etc i used a 2" square tube - so the actual flat of the platen is just about 1-1/2" wide, and there's about 1/4" of radius on both sides where the belt can give a little
  5. about 19" Silicon Labelle 2 leather over rayskin stainless fittings green laquered 2nd photo is same blade, differential polish - i found it would require obsessive care to maintain - and it's my Daughter's.. 13, so i would have kept it tho - but the blade was just too meaty so i scrubbed it to regrind - finished on worn 220 grit (?) lengthwise on the 6x48 w/a softener on the platen
  6. 2x72 3hp belt grinder if my calculations are correct, it delivers about 6500 sfm at high speed. Dayton 3 horse 1740 rpm single phase with pulley speed shift. 3" & 6" contact wheels on the flat platen/slack swivel attachment - the platen is tube, so far the radius helps me to not gouge at the belt edge. imported 14" contact wheel that works great imo. throws down a spark shower, as i'd hoped
  7. Mr. Deavers, Excellent use of 28 hours, very impressive. I did not realize i had posted in the middle of your project, which is definitely on the opposite end of the effort spectrum from mine - Keep it up & Thanks for looking, Matt
  8. From 3" x .375" 6150 flat. Ground to shape. Guard hot twisted around blade & normalized the whole thing. Clayed back, austenized @1550, quenched in 400F soybean oil. Finished on a Scotchbrite medium belt & Paracord wrapped. Started like this: Scabbard is aluminum from an old cheapie, modded with fiberglass wrap - no frills here Pretty quick & simple, as swords go & Thanks
  9. some of the high temp-salt composition/temps from MIL-S-10699A - i hope i am not breaching copyright, etc. and please read the actual document before you trust my typing. Converted to degrees Fahrenheit. CLASS 3 1150-1700F 45-55% KCl 45-55%Na2CO3 melts 1040-1090F CLASS 4 1100-1650F 15-25% NaCl 30-32% KCl 50-60% BaCl2 melts 1040-1070F CLASS 4A 1030-1400F 10-15% NaCl 25-30% KCl 40-45% BaCl2 15-20% CaCl2 melts 925-975F CLASS 5 1
  10. i see that you guys talked about this back in Jan - but i couldn't access the link to MIL-S-10699B back then and didn't realize it's importance. Thank you for repeating, etc. -somehow i had mentally programmed that barium salts would depress the melting point - glad i was incorrect - spec sheets are good (for me ) -matt I am editing to post a few of the high temp compositions & temperatures from the MIL -S document - Please read IT and double check before you trust my typing. converted to degrees Farenheit. CLASS 3 1150-1700F 45-5
  11. I found MIL-S -10699B for free at asssistdocs.com. - 22 pages - i will read - but if you are still watching, Doug, i am going to second Howard's question for you about the salts temp range. - My salts are CaCl2/NaCl and a separate BaCl2. i may have to spice up the recipe for either to raise the hi-limit? i'd like one pot to hit 1725F to austenize S7 - asking before i try to go that high --- hope i got the formulae correct - matt
  12. Thank You, the salts are awesome - being up close and personal with them running is quite an experience - but still the realm of "i don't even know what i don't know" etc. will go for it carefully.
  13. in setting up a 2nd tall high-temp salt bath for preheating and annealing etc. i have a question about the compatibility of different salts Does anyone know if a blade can go from Barium salts to NaCl/CaCL or vice-versa, as drag-out salt transfer goes? Just in case there is some extreme danger in doing so that is well known, but that i have missed. it would not be the first time. thanks, matt
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