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    Bladesmithing, History, Traditional Archery, HEMA, Bushcraft, Camping.
  1. Jon Falcone

    Medieval welded knife with composite handle

    I just received my knife today, it is amazingly beautiful for an extremely fair price. Kris does great work and is extremely responsive and helpful. I couldn't be happier. It has been rainy today so I can't easily take a picture that does the seax justice, but it is absolutely gorgeous.
  2. Jon Falcone

    Medieval welded knife with composite handle

    Hi Kris I will take it if it is still available. PM sent.
  3. Jon Falcone

    Eagle Sword Gets a Scabbard!!

    Those pictures left me speechless. Very inspiring.
  4. Jon Falcone

    7th Annual Fire and Brimstone Hammer-In

    Things are looking real promising for me being there this year. I have so much to learn, so I'll be sure to be checking out everything, but chances are you'll catch me at any and all things Viking.
  5. Jon Falcone

    First Two Seaxes

    Inspirational thread. Hoping to start on my own seax here soon enough. Good work!
  6. Jon Falcone

    What's your favorite handle wood?

    Please do elaborate, good sir.
  7. Jon Falcone

    19lb anvil

    That's what I'll do until I can find a "real" anvil, then. Thanks for the help Dave!
  8. Jon Falcone

    19lb anvil

    Yeah, it does seem to be cast iron. That anvil looks like my next best option, what would be the best way to attach it? I live in the woods in the middle of West Virginia, so I have plenty of stumps to work with. I don't have a lot of indoor space, so I'll probably put together some sort of shop outside with overhead coverage.
  9. Jon Falcone

    19lb anvil

    I've looked all around locally and I can't afford to get a heavier one shipped to me. Would a 19 pound anvil be sufficient for pounding out seaxes (and possibly small axe-heads)? I have zero experience to speak of, but the poundage sounds terribly light. Thanks!
  10. Jon Falcone

    Broad Seax WIP

    Beautiful work Jake, I have lurked these forums for quite some time now, and I still seem to have a hard time finding (or affording for that matter) the necessary things to begin working on my own blades. Your work, among others on the forum keep that drive to get going alive. Thank you!