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  1. Beautiful!! <-- bladesmith not poet, so that is the best response I have, but it is sincere, and this is like a "10" beautiful not a "7" beautiful. N8
  2. Thanks for the complements guys! The person who I gave this too, liked the flaws... at least thats what she said. These pics don't do the Desert Iron wood justice. Alan: I spent a lot of development time over the last 2 or 3 years working on that integral transition, so, thank you! I will be making more of these chef's knives. Nate
  3. O1-8670M Damascus with Desert Iron wood handle. Jeff Pringle gave me a beautiful block of desert Iron Wood, so I saved it until I made a worthy blade to put it on.
  4. that small improvement is the Zen. Owen, I am looking forward to seeing you and your demo sounds like it will be epic! I wish you could bring "Troll Hunter" for the pumpkin chopping:)
  5. Yes, it can be quite technical... just one of the basic equations here: Delta trajectory = hand-eye-coordinatoin / #Beers . QED.
  6. <p>Wow, it is awesome to see such enthusiastic interest for our event. If I can talk Jim into it, I will be organizing a little pumpkin chopping contest during the event.... for the academic study of axe and sax ballistics of course. extra points for not loosing any body parts.</p> <p>-Nate</p>
  7. Ill take pictures of the silk scarf slicing later it is sharp enough to shave
  8. Hahahah. Thanks guys! Yes Owen this is a Shieldmaiden's sword so I thought the pattern would be appropriate actually it didnt even occur to me until you mentioned it! Petr, yep the finishing stuff bug finally bit me. I think I was inspired by watching you and Owen work. Thanks Jake, I really am liking the blackened finish too, it came out better than I expected, I will definitely be doing more. So, Materials: core is 7 layers of W1 and 8670m, and the cutting edge is just a single bar of W1. Hilt fittings are wroughten Irony. When will you be at the shop next Niels?
  9. I still think it was a partial Johnsson Unit too short, but it is still pretty. The Seax Blade is with Petr and he is working some magic with a sheath, the handle is with me, waiting to be finished. but in the mean time I have another sword getting handled and some scabbards to make. Ill post pics... soon! And once again Owen, Thank you!
  10. I had a great time at Owen's 7 day Sword smithing class. same as usual. Even though I have made some swords in the past, I wanted to take this class so that I could learn from a great smith. I got more from this class than I could have hoped. I accidentally bumped into Peter Johnsson in London and he gave me a great intro into sword design. I went back to my hotel and designed my sword, and got started on it the next day. Owen guided us along the path with tons of knowledge, tips, and tricks for making high quality swords and making them fast, and taught us how to make a sword in 7 days (
  11. Done the slow way, but finally finished
  12. Wow thanks guys, I think I will need to get a cart just to carry my swollen ego Oddly enough, Jake, the design for this knife evolved from the very first knife that I made, which was inspired by a picture of a small knife that I saw on your site back before I started making knives. My first knife looked nothing like your knife (for many reasons), but the design elements from that first knife have been rattling around in my head for the last 5 years and came to life again as this knife. Mark, The patina seems to stay relatively the same, although the colors may shift a little wit
  13. Thank you. I learned a very important lesson while making this knife: dont give up easily. at first I didnt know what I wanted to make with the bloom so I forged it into a very crappy knife just for kicks, then I regretted it, cut, folded, re-welded it, and forged it into this. I had to make almost all of the parts of this knife at least 3 times. the first lever spring broke during a test fit (BTW: always allow an ample strain arc), the handle plates needed to be remade 5 times. the first and second levers were wrong and had to be remade... anyway you get the idea. There were a couple of
  14. I wanted to throw in my complements as well Stephane. I see you utilized the carving skills from Jake's class. Beautiful work, and congratulations on finishing it masterfully.
  15. Thanks for the complements guys. Yes the hole does have a function, Sailors knives (used to?) have a hole, so when your fingers are cold, numb, and wet, you can still get a grip on the blade (plus I hate trying to pick at the slot in folders with my finger nail). My best guess for the carbon content is somewhere between 0.8 and 1%, (spark test, oil quench to VERY hard, and feel?) and from the old lab analysis of the steel that Jeff has made with the same ore, there are also some traces of Vanadium and Ti, ect. Thanks Owen, yes I think this one is for me, I have been a knife maker for a few
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