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  1. Very true. But that's a good bit more coin than I've got, unfortunately.
  2. That's what I'm thinking. It's rough, but I like a challenge And yeah, yeah. I know. All Romulus needs is a home, motor, and a foot pedal and he'll be running. The former two, however, leave me scratching my head. Soon, though. At least I hope so!! You're coming right along yourself! And Daniel isn't too far away, but with it being a 200# hammer, about all I could learn is how it goes together.
  3. Hello, all. I'm not looking to buy. Just getting that out there, haha. I'm in the process of Hoping to buy one, so no worries there. What I am looking for, however, is someone that has a 100# or 125# Bradley compact that's pretty well complete, or knows someone with one I could get in touch with that would be willing to let me study it; or possibly get me any information at all. The one I'm maybe buying is in pretty rough shape, so it would be Awesome to have access to one so I could figure out what it needs, measurements, etc. I live in NC, so maybe someone "local" might see this? Anyway, thanks to everyone that sees this, and to anyone that can help!
  4. Price drop to $1,500.
  5. Hello, all. I'm selling off a grinder. Grinder has a Lesson VFD variable speed drive wired on, and a 2hp motor. The original drive crapped out, but the new one works very well. Comes with the flat platen only, as that is the only attachment I got. Never had the work rest. Now asking $1500. Thanks very much!
  6. It's not available any more. I called a few weeks back, but never thought to mention it here. Sorry!
  7. I'm not terribly wild about Pedinghaus anvils, or any of the others Steve carries. I live an hour from them, so I'm familiar. And I'm more in the market for a large anvil. Not starting out, so I have a need for the larger anvil. Thanks very much, all the same!
  8. Hi all. I'm looking for a 220# or bigger cast steel anvil. Would prefer a London pattern Brooks or Kohlswa (with or without a step), but any descent brand will be good. Must be single horn, though. I live in Western North Carolina, so the closer the better, but have no problem with arranging shipping. Thanks!
  9. They are. That's why I have a 400lb one now:)!
  10. Thank you Geoff!
  11. Having trouble posting pictures here, so if it's okay, I'm going to post the link to the listing on IForgeiron so that you all can see the hammer. http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/47520-beaudry-for-saleagain/
  12. Hammer is back on the market. Price has been lowered to $5000.
  13. Hammer no longer for sale. Thanks.
  14. Well friends, it breaks my heart, but I'm selling my power hammer:\ Long story short, I just can't set it up with the space that I've got, and there's no sense in keeping it if I can't put it to use. So, I find myself here. Here's the hammer: A Beaudry #4(100lbs) Champion hammer, built in 1918 and in pretty xxxx good shape. She's all there, and everything turns and works. A note: this machine was built to run off of a line shaft, so there's no direct drive with this. However, there's a jackshaft that comes with it that will allow you to run it without issue, as well as a new to the machine 5hp single phase motor. You'll need space, but with everything there to run it, it'll run like a top. Message me if you're interested...and only if you're interested. Asking $5500, bottom line, not including shipping. Thanks for looking! Can't seem to figure out how to upload pictures. Well, I'm more than happy to send pictures to anyone interested.