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  1. I checked out their website but parts of it seem outdated I'm gonna try to attend one of their events and try to meet some folks around here that have a lead on tools and supplies.
  2. Im not sure how its gonna be at my new command but in the aviation community I've worked in the past have had to be accountable for everything including old containers like buckets etc. However I just got back from the scrapyard and have aquired what will be my anvil. It is a die to a pipe bender its rather large and has a hole that should work as a hardier hole. Guess I'm gonna make a gas forge next. However I may have to shop at a different yard because they don't seem to like selling stuff as the prices are high and they don't seem to want to sell anything good. I asked if they ever have any anvils come through but wouldn't you know the owner keeps them for himself and will not sell. The other place I stopped at said if they had anything anvil worthy they wouldn't want to sell it. I guess I don't understand how they work or something.
  3. I was actually stationed in southern MD for the last 2years and still have friends there that I will visit so I may work one of my trips around that. Also the person who got me interested in knives is located in white plains/la plats MD. His name is Kieth Bagley. Only problem is he was too far away for me to drive after work and weekends were even harder. I already read 50 dollar knife shop. Very informative only problem is not knowing where to find some of the stuff. Thanks for the motivation guys I'm about to go to the scrapyard now.
  4. Wow thanks for the quick responses I Googled a scrapyard nearby that I will check out tomorrow. Another question, should I practice using gas or coal for forging? What does propane normally cost to run a forge?
  5. Sorry about that. Im in Hampton VA so anything between newport news, Suffolk, vabeach, Hampton would be ideal.
  6. Hello this is my first post so i will start with an intro. Im in the us navy and just got stationed naval base norfolk in va.I want to begin my journey to becoming a bladesmith but finding resources has been tough in my location. I have wanted to start doing this for a while but didn't have a place until now. I've read alot online and in books about cheap ways to get started but I'm having trouble locating these makeshift tools. Could someone give me some insight on where to look for rail sections for anvils and scrap parts for forges and maybe even some contacts to some local bladesmiths or blacksmiths. Thanks in advance.
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