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  1. Redd INK Press is looking for original works from bladesmiths and knifemakers. Anyone with a manuscript or book idea should go to our website and read our submission guidelines or get in touch with me personally at reddinkpress@gmail.com. To see some of our titles that are in print go to Amazon and search for Redd INK Press. Thanks Frank
  2. Hello, Can anyone tell me if there is a suggested RPM based on the grit of a sanding belt. I was taught by a maker who had a single speed grinder and needless to say he had one speed for every belt he used during initial hogging out and finish work. I have read many times that makers will slow down the speeds of their grinders when switching belt grit. What I have gathered from my readings is that the higher the grit the lower the speed. Is this true? Is this based on the grits ability or the control of the grinding by the maker? Any help would be appreciated. Frank
  3. In that case, our newest imprint is Redd Ink Press. Reddinkpress.com if you want to take a look but our site is under construction currently. There is info on how to submit a manuscript and what types of subjects we are looking for right now. Redd INK Press is an imprint of Nephilim Press LLC. Nephilimpress.com. Before you go to the Nephilim web site please keep in mind that I am a publisher and my job as a publisher is to print and sell books. I say this because Nephilim is a specialty press that deals with Occult subjects. You can also go to Amazon or ebay and find our books. Anyway I though
  4. PM with info sent. I don't want to post web addresses and company names in the open forum if its not ok to do so. Don't want to get banned. Frank
  5. This is not spam!!!!!!!!! I swear!!! email me and I will prove it that I am a real person. I hope this posting does not violate any board rules. Since this site is the best source of information I have ever found on bladesmithing, knife making making, shop equipment and techniques in general, I thought this would be one of the best places to try and find authors who may be looking for a publisher. I have recently started a new publishing imprint called Redd INK Press and we're specializing in books about firearms and bladed weaponry. I currently own another publishing imprint and have written
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