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  1. I would like to lower the asking price to $2000 US. PM me for further questions.
  2. I posted this to Show and Tell but I wanted to put this on the market too. Folded bloomery steel blade (900 layers) piled like the Romans. The grip is antler and the scabbard jacket and hardware is bronze/brass. All chased and reposed from Roman mosaics. The baldric is veg tanned leather with tinned buckle and carved antler chape. Moon and star inlay in silver and bronze at hilt. More info here! http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=29228 blade length 20" total lenth 26.5" width at hilt 2.2" my current asking price is $3000 US Thanks guys!
  3. nice package, looking very sharp as always.
  4. Hey Guys this is one of my first posts and my first show and tell on this website. I am not doing a reproduction of an archeological find but a sword of my own design following strict guidelines of style that the Romans used. I understand some of you will have different ideas of what "historical accuracy" is but this fulfills my own idea and here is my reasoning through the description. The blade is probably the most accurate part. It is made from bloomery and hearth steel me and my friend Jeff Pringle made from ore and recycled wrought iron exactly as the Romans did. I fol
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