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  1. brian_newberry

    Did I preform this too far?

    Looks good to me. When you forge the bevels the tip will rise. You will end up with a slight drop point with that shape (varies with how thick it is now and how thin you forge the bevels).
  2. brian_newberry

    Wood Cha-to (tea-sword)

    The description was as amazing as the work.
  3. brian_newberry

    Bird and trout hunting WIP

    I tried drawing what I was thinking in terms of a subtle curve in the rear of the handle were you have the flat. I think I like the flat better! I don't think that a curve would really enhance control, I thought it would balance the handle better but the flat plays against the straight profile of the blade very nicely. I agree that this design is reminiscent of the Canadian knife and the flat adds to that connection. I also agree that this design doesn't need a lot of belly. Have you thought about a full height grind on this? That would give you the distal taper and give you a very clean look. I would then convex the edge. My thinking on a design like this is you want a fine slicing edge and you would not use this knife for tough tasks so there is less need for a thicker blade.
  4. brian_newberry

    Bird and trout hunting WIP

    I like the concept. I would go full tang. I would also add a curve To the belly of the back end of the handle.
  5. brian_newberry

    Removing rust

    Evaporust is a product I have used to remove rust. It does a good job. However that poor knife looks pitted. Is it thick enough to grind the rust out and refinish? My sympathies!
  6. brian_newberry

    Two set

    Lovely work!
  7. brian_newberry

    sumac stagwood with hamon

    Tell me more about the wood please? Source, how did it work, how hard is it, stabilized, etc.
  8. brian_newberry

    Stock removal bushcraft WIP

    No. Yes. 1/8 makes a good bush knife. Always use a respirator with any of the resin impregnated materials. It isn't a bad idea to use one whenever you grind any material.
  9. brian_newberry


    Very nicely done!
  10. brian_newberry

    Antique Briarwood Walking Stick Sword Restoration (Very pic heavy)

    This is pretty sweet!
  11. brian_newberry

    Three new EDC's

    I love Osage! Nice knives!
  12. brian_newberry

    Mountain of free steel

    No experience with this steel but the data sheet specs makes me think it would forge and harden with 'normal' equipment although it is a bit low in carbon compared to most knife steels. http://www.steelforge.com/alloy-steel-6150/
  13. brian_newberry

    Fillet knife concept

    Looks like a filet knife to me! Test the flex, cutting and edge retention and then you will know if you have found a home for the rest of the broken band saw blade.
  14. brian_newberry

    Sharpening the scandi grind

    Success in knife making is a good thing!