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    Art, forged damascus steel, sculpture, paintings, music etc etc

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  1. hello, I am new on forums, I did what you said, thanks to tell me if I do something wrong, its the way to learn ! ... Pierre.
  2. Here are some pictures dimensions about 10 inches, Handle sculpted in africain wild boar, poetic damascus , patern of wild boars, unique cast gaed and pommel, cast in silver, unique cast sculpture in bronze.
  3. I just lost again my mail. So Thanks everybody, I will try to keep time to feed topics like this one, Thank you Don, your forum is very nice , Its the first time that I come in a forum, so I am like an apprentice!... but I will make efforts. I will also give informations. let post this one
  4. hello to everyone,

    I am happy to join this forum,

    as it's the first time, I am like an aprentice;

    I always though good to meet new people,

    and to present new creations.

    We are working as full time professional Nicole my wife and me since 1st april 1989

    Hope you will enjoy our contributions,

    Pierre Reverdy, Master of Art, Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres.

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