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    Well, that's a relief then =p. I'm glad you're liking how it cuts! That was my first concern of course, with edge retention being a close second.


    I never figured I'd have to be worried about projectile injury though, lol.



    I hate to be the cause of you breaking your streak lol. You'll have to get me a picture when you can.


    Thanks again for taking this on for me. I'm really thankful to have someone who is willing to give me a brutally subjective review on my work! Too many people are overly concerned with feelings on this stuff. I'd rather have the truth so I can make the next one better :).


    Guess who's getting the 330mm suji to try out first??



    I put it on the diamond plate and re tipped it. going from the spine to edge instead of the other way. It is a little bit more reinforced as there is a little bit more material behind the edge now.

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