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  1. I think it had a small stress crack. I actually was cutting cantaloupe with it, set it down and when I picked it back up I heard a small ping and was immediately punched in the eye. It happens, first time busting a tip on a knife in twenty years in the kitchen . I do know some guys , every knife they own is missing a few millimeters.lol
  2. wasn't using that eye anyway.lol i'm not going to sharpen it all week and see how good the edge retention is. Right now the edge is at about 95% with 8 hours straight prep work. this thing is a cutting machine.
  3. very simple yet elegant
  4. Don, yours is one of the best cutters I own and I own a lot of them. Love this one. excellent as always. son
  5. that is very cool. excellent work.
  6. awesome Don, can't wait to try it. they are stunning!
  7. welcome, Don. I know that you do great work, son
  8. is the tomahawk and the Le tene sword still available?
  9. easier to pull out, like a blood groove, maybe?
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