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  1. I think it had a small stress crack. I actually was cutting cantaloupe with it, set it down and when I picked it back up I heard a small ping and was immediately punched in the eye. It happens, first time busting a tip on a knife in twenty years in the kitchen . I do know some guys , every knife they own is missing a few millimeters.lol

  2. Hello:


    Well after talking to a Dr friend of mine...this is not that uncommon...especially with the "exotics" such as the various Dalbergaria woods such as Amaqzon Rosewood, Coco-Bolo, Brazilian Rosewood, etc.. I was surprised to find out that alot of foplks get a reaction from the get-go..me..it took over some 35 plus years to develoupe ...This can be cumulative and one day it rears up its ugly head and bites you in your Hiennie ..IUt is the worst itching I ever had in my entire life..worse than that crud I got back in SE Asia..


    There was one other time I got a bad reaction from wood..that was with lilac burl..THAT stuff put me in the hospital for three days..I got that ill...


    Oh..I am very much a stickler when it comes to wearing a respirator...your lungs are your life..don't "play the odds"..cause sooner or later the House wins and you will loose, and loose BIG TIME...Lungs and eyes...after my accident with that lawn mower many years ago..I learned my lesson about eye protection...


    As it is I am still very bright pink but not the oozing tomatoe red that it was last night... but oh man..that itch... I would sit in a tub of that oat meal stuff..but if I do..I know that my kids with their sense of humors would come after me with brown sugar and cream..That's all i would need... Seriously now...this is so bad an itch I would tell State Secrets to the Reds to get it to stop...the itch and the headache (the headache is from histiman I was told...) to boot..


    Still I should be good to go tomorrow so I was told...


    JPHFresgh aloe vera leaves will sooth the itch. just split it and rub the gel all over, you will feel much better.

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