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  1. Each of my nephews have recieved a knife for their 13th birthday, this is the latest. He has some scandinavian blood so I used that as a design influence. 1080ish steel, copper, deer antler, moosehide and cherry wood. His nickname is Moose so I wanted to use moose antler but couldn't find any close by so I put in a moose leather spacer .
  2. If you are going to use the saw in a permanently upright position, I would suggest you check the rectangular box that contains the worm gear and make sure there is enough lube.(ask me how I know this)
  3. I will also vote for reduced flow from the tank, kind of like those low flow shower heads that you have to take a drill to the orifice if you want to get wet.
  4. When I was at the railroad we would temper springs (5160 or 1095) to 42 - 44 HRC plus or minus a bit. 36 would be IMHO too soft.
  5. If you heat up your pieces in your forge they will be black.
  6. the Northern Minnesota Metalsmiths have a hammer in their shop at Itasca which is I think a 33 Anyang.
  7. Yes, the holding hand often has a harder job than the hitting hand. Tong rings can help. I have some old chain links of various sizes that I use to slide over the reins to keep the tongs tight on the forging.
  8. Nice looking hammer, I like to grind a radius on the dies to avoid cold shuts when drawing down stock. A 3/8" radius should be fine for a 100 lb. hammer.
  9. I would think there's probably some nickel and chrome in there as well.
  10. It's really not that hard to forge braze a thread into a tube to fix that.
  11. I have some Bradley dies that would probably fit but they aren't flat.
  12. Talk to a shipper, ask how much a 1/2 pallet would cost, they don't care about the weight, only how much space it takes up.
  13. I have two pieces that were the bottom dies from a 1250 Lb. steam hammer. They weigh approx. 560 lbs. each. I am asking $2.50 lb. (Canadian) which comes out to $1400.(much less in US$). I would of course prefer local pick-up but will be as helpful as I can if we need to ship. Located in Mitchell, Manitoba, Canada.
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