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  1. is needed to properly prepare steel. When using steel clay is a little different. Then it is of course important ideal temperature tempering, has the effect created Utsuri and Choji hamon. It is possible to create other hamon. Suguha example, Midare and more.
  2. wakizashi, hira zukuri kamakura tachi, ura, ichimonji style
  3. Wakizaschi, Nambokucho style, hira zukuri nagasa 43cm Ichimonji yaki ire chóji, utsuri, nie utsuri
  4. Ichimonji style hamon, tamahagane steel, hamon chóji, utsuri
  5. schó to (hira zukuri wakizaschi) Oroshigane, Koto Gassan style, ayasugi hada Polischig and foto by Ivan Luka Rogic
  6. Festival Knifest the 2012th Improvisation. Buildings Tatara, production oroshigane. We transformed a rusty iron wire. 6x folding. Without hardening paste.
  7. tempering, sunobe, carbon steel. Tachi blade, nagasa 74cm, hamon ch´oji-midare
  8. No. In this type of hamon should not be used Hadori. But it's also a matter of taste. I have fond sashikomi. Some will prefer the blade but Hadori. According to Hamon, Utsuri .....
  9. detail replika Sukezane tachi, polisching by Ivan Luka Rogic.Last foto ist utcuri in shinogi-ji
  10. I used old fashioned patina. But the result in a short time has never been good. I think it is better to show the beauty of steel. Do not create any rust. Good patina is formed after some time alone. Carefully clean the surface to give it there were no scratches. After a short period of time immersed in nitric acid. Just a little while. Then a means to create weapons blackening color. Finally, a little oil and rub the surface with a piece of cotton cloth.
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