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  1. We set up our first forge ever last Monday, and it worked surprisingly well. This was the main layout of the forge, although we did tweak the design a bit. Here is everything starting up: A closer look at the tools: (I literally couldn't find anything but this tiny thing. I coudln't really spend any money and buy a 100 lb+ anvil, but all the same this one was horrid.) This worked really, really well. Even had a cool air setting. Pretty hot. And what, exactly, did we get out of our little night of forging? Well, ahem.... uhmm... With tongs that didn't have a very good hold and an anvil that you could stick in your pocket (plus the fact that we'd never forged anything ever before), we didn't have much of a chance. But it was really fun, all the same. All done in my Grandpa's back yard. He kindly supplied most of the equipment.
  2. There's some nice close-ups taken at the Comic-Con of Orcrist and some axes here: http://www.elendilion.pl/2012/07/13/g-i-p-report-dwalins-runes-orkrist-thranduil-and-wargs/ I wonder what Orcrist's hilt is made of. It almost looks like antler...
  3. Got it cut...man that's hard. Now I have no problem believing that bullets bounce right off leaf springs.
  4. Hmm.. That's a good idea. I'll try that. Thanks!
  5. So I've got a fairly good-looking leaf spring that I plan on making two knives out of. When I set out to cut the thing with a hacksaw, I became afraid that I'd damage the saw because it was so stinkin' hard. So I come to a question: Will I be able to forge it without annealing first, or do I need to? If I need to anneal, what would be the best way (air-cool/sand-cool, how many times, etc.)? Thanks
  6. That's what I was worried about. It'd be pretty tough-going to flatten it out with a file. The other problem is a guard. I have no idea how to go about making a metal one. Is wood ever used? I know the purpose of a guard is to... well, guard, but could I get away with wooden ones if the knives were relatively small?
  7. @Dave: I don't have a beltsander or a grinder—I don't know how you'd do stock removal without at least one of those. I'm planning on doing the arduous task of filing it down after forging. Also, I have The Complete Bladesmith—I love it! @Dan: Without a beltsander, would getting the wood fittings and the tang in alignment even be possible? I guess I could file it, but I'd have to rely mostly on my ability to forge it in perfect shape.
  8. Thanks guys, @Jake: I am most worried about forging the bevels because of the curving—how easy would you say forging a straight blade is for beginners? @Dave: The problem with stock removal is that I don't have the equipment—and the fact that a red-hot blade is a lot more fun I'm also not exactly sure on how to do a full tang. I've done a hidden tang before (I didn't forge it, just put new fittings on an old blade). What do you think are the advantages to a full tang?
  9. I'm getting ready to forge my first two knives (one for me, one for a friend who's going to help) and I was wondering what an easy starting knife might be. I was thinking a broken-backed seax since it doesn't have much curve to it. I have a 5160 leaf spring, and I think I can get at least 2, if not 3, knives out of it. Also, (I like to combine questions in my posts ) the friend that's going to help out is only coming up for a week—and he can't take his knife home on the plane to finish it. So I was going to finish it for him and send it to him, but is it even possible to send a weapon like that? Thanks
  10. Wow, that's a nice one, MDF! I dare not try to build anything quite that big, but maybe in the future...
  11. A steel box, huh? Does it keep the heat in better than it would with just bricks?
  12. Never thought of that. Thanks for the input! Another thing I was wondering: will the airflow get weaker and weaker as it goes along, or will it remain pretty consistent throughout the length of the pipe? We were thinking of connecting a bigger pipe to the main one so that the pressure would build when entering into the smaller pipe, thus having a stronger airflow.
  13. I wasn't sure if "Design and Critique" was just for knives, or if it included forges, etc. So if it needs to be moved, I don't mind at all Anyway, here we go: I've been trying to figure out a forge design that's both cheap and effective. I have some fire brick that I plan on using for the actual chamber, and then I plan on using a pipe with holes drilled in it and a hairdryer at the end. Here's the layout: I'll cover the top with more firebrick, and the bed and pipe will be covered with charcoal. I'm hoping that this design works, but critique is welcome. Thanks
  14. I like Lawhead too. I'm actually reading Hood right now The Song of Albion trilogy is my favorite of his. I love the knife!
  15. That's what I was guessing as well. Thanks
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