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  1. This is my maker's mark that I use for my company Winterborn Blades.
  2. Hi everyone! This is my maker's mark I use for my company Winterborn Blades.
  3. Hi Doug. I was aiming for it to weigh a little more than a Messer which weighs 3lbs and 2-3 oz. No question it's on the heavier side of swords that size but it definitely doesn't feel like a sword that weighs 3lbs 10oz and it does have a distal taper. I definitely find it tougher to guage the final weight on a fantasy style sword from a drawing than a historical recreation. Next one I make similar to this I want to aim for around 3lbs 5oz.
  4. Me too! There is definitely an elegance to them!
  5. Hello everyone! Here is a video of my latest sword. I hope you all enjoy it! Also here is a link to a thread with pictures:
  6. Hello everyone! Here is my latest finished sword. I made this with an Elven ranger in mind and decided against any ornate or intricate details. I just wanted functionality. Stormbringer Elven Longsword Steel- 5160 Steel Thickness- 0.250" Hilt fittings- Mild steel with gun blued finish Handle- Leather wrapped poplar core Overall Lengrh- 43.5" Blade Length- 30" Blade Width- 2" Weight- 3lbs 10.7oz
  7. Looks great! I'm looking forward to this one. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Amazing! Great work! My dream is to take a sword class taught by Peter Johnson.
  9. Thanks Jim. This was a challenging one to get right.
  10. Thanks Chris! I'm going to start sharing a lot more of my projects from now on. I have a bunch in the works.
  11. Thanks! Here is a link to the topic I posted in the Show and Tell section. https://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?/topic/35496-roman-gladius-pompeii/
  12. Stunning piece! Thank you for sharing.
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