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  1. Nice knife, I like the idea of occasionally working without a plan and discovering what a piece of steel has to offer us. How durable is the finish on oil blackened steel? Jesse
  2. Jesus, Another amazing blade! Did you take any pictures of the clay coating?. I'd love to attempt the same technique on a small tanto I have in work. May also consider posting in the "show us your hamon" area. thanks for the inspiration, Jesus Padilla
  3. with the pictures this time. Jesse
  4. Here is a wakisashi. 1085 with a warm water quench. Jesse
  5. inspiring. Nice job. Jesse
  6. I'm glad that there are still those that remember Bob E. I think of Bob and Stephanie as starting me off in this knife making stuff many years ago. I think I will stop after every sword that breaks in the quench tank. Good luck on your next adventure in steel. Jesse
  7. I look forward to watching the progress on this project. I like the blade shape. Was the blade clay coated and will you show the hamon? What is the blade length and overall length? jp
  8. I like the cut out at the base of the cutting edge. Looks like a good working knife.jp
  9. I've been thinking about a maker's mark for a few years now. Oriental theme, scroll, or just my initials, geometric shapes. I just can't make up my mind. My goal this year is to come up with a mark and hopefully in the next month. Jesse
  10. Jesus, I've broken so many long blades, that I've just about given up making them. However, after seeing your results I think I'll give it another try. That is inspiration. Jesus Padilla
  11. I tried to delete the original file, but only succeeded in adding another picture to the same post. Hmmm I'll give it another try in a bit. I'd hate to contribute to a over burdened web site. Jesse
  12. I finaly watched Walter's hammon making video and gave the techniques a try. Unfortunatly the sword broke during the quench so I turned the Katana into a wakisashi. The goal was to observe the hammon. I like the process and will try a full length sword again some day. I have more pictures of the clayed blade and hammon details in the polished steel if there is any interest. jp
  13. Nice hammon, did the other side come out as nice? jp
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