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  1. Oh and bonus question. How much time do you spend on the belt grinder doing cleanup work?
  2. Hey guys and gals! I've been trying my hand at a stick tang knife and am starting with a 6x1x1/4in piece of 5160. The overall shape will be pretty basic with the addition of a nice finger choil. Would the order of operations be, 1 establish shoulders for the tang, 2 taper tang, 3 establish choil, 4 establish tip, 5 create bevels? Or is there a different way to do this? More importantly, what are the ideal dimensions for a tang, the edge, and the shoulders? Also what's the bare minimum you can get away with?
  3. Hey! I wanted to make a weighty knife for hacking up stuff around the campsite, butchering, and general food prep. So I grabbed some 1/4" 5160, mosaic pins, and desert ironwood and made this guy! It'll be going to a friend if mine as a gift, but I think I'm finally at a point where I'd be comfortable with selling my work. I also just got access to some awesome shop equipment, so expect to see some more work from me in the coming weeks! Cheers! Dave
  4. Hey y'all! I'm thinking about picking up some more quenchant but I'm not sure what the best way to contain it would be.I was thinking of using blackpipe but I don't know how watertight you could get it while also keeping it heat resistant. Additionally, does anyone know of some good storage methods for etchant (ferric chloride)? Would PVC with a sealant work? Thanks! Dave
  5. To preface i want it known that yes i am aware of parks 50 being the ideal quenchent for simple steels however im trying to get a few knives done before next week as they are for a school project so im on a time constraint as far as getting a batch of parks 50 and also my budget will not allow that at the moment. So i am moving my attention towards oils available in grocery stores i know canola oil is a favorite among many however next to a bottle of canola i noticed a bottle of this grape seed oil. i sloshed both around to see how they compare in terms of viscosity and it appears that gra
  6. i am not at alll saying that 3d printing would be a way to make final blades, wayyy too many issues with metalurgy there. but i was thinking design a mock up knife, forge the blade to exact dimensions then print out a handle all in one piece, perhaps instead of hand making the fittings, or doing a combination of the two. Think about replacing any wood sections of the handle with abs, or perhaps just the hilt and i think doing a sheath would be great! just think about how much thinner it could be, and you could even use it to accent pieces or make plastic fittings. All just food for thought.
  7. thats crazy to me that a complete hammer head can be made in one heat, maybe i havent forged enough with fun toys like power hammers but that absurd.
  8. also what kind of cnc work did you do? I am literally sitting in a cnc fabrication class at this very moment
  9. i think it has ample ground for experementing, from my perspective bladesmithing is all about the steel aspect of things, and given the fact that for the vast majority of history black smiths and blade smiths were at the forefront of their days techology why not carry that forword. Merge the historical with the super new and push this art into new places, i mean why not make a guard that is impossible to craft by hand, or something else, idk.
  10. you just blew my mind, are you suggesting laying your blade on the bed, and then have it print and weld to the blade at the same time? as in place in a tray hit print and when you return you now have a detailed print welded to the blade?
  11. there is a 3d printer called form one that just came out, costs around 2 grand and can get this high resulution http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0183/2285/files/slideshow-1-4.jpg?2161 , and im pretty sure you can do a lost wax cast of the actual printed plastic, what im curious about is using it to print off a handle, its a wierd and cool look that is fairly durable (abs plastic is what they use for leggos) also this is from another 3d printer called the makerbot replicator 2 http://i1152.photobucket.com/albums/p495/neutron257/CEE46E2F-8D8B-499B-9A1D-CEF38004C14C-31081-0000039FD2ABBDA5_zps
  12. Hey so im in school for industrial design and ive gotten to play around with a 3d printer a little bit but i was wondering, has anyone here utilized this new technology for their blades? is this too high tech and crazy to even bother with? here is a brief video on 3d printing for those who are not sure about what it is Anyway let me know what you think. Also as a side note how do you become an apprentice member of the abs? or is that a discussion for another place?
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