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  1. I'm unsure if this exists, and if it is would it be qualified as a laminate pattern weld or not. Scearch did not work to well for me as my descriptive powers have left me about half way through my drink about thirty minutes ago. Here it goes! If you were to make a twist pattern, make it into a thicker peice and then cut it down into segments and try to weld it end to end, how well would it go. Alternately could it be done in a alternating sandwhich layering in this method? Roughly in appearance would it be doable as this: _____ _____ with the edges being welded together? Or would welding it like this: _______ ________ ___________ _______ ________ work better for welding purposes? I realise I would have to do this method with as little open space as possible at the center and be absolutely meticulous with it, but would it be doable one way or another?
  2. If you make this, please do share pictures of the results.
  3. I'd like to see this myself, but I think for those of us who are fresh to the forge and furnace may need alot of experience to really understand the fine workings that go into something like Wootz. I may be wrong and it could be horrifically simple also.
  4. The forge I'll be using will be a horizontal. And thank you for the clairfication on the Chain maker's tongs. Also, I am curious about this. What do you all think of people who put up youtube videos of their work, process of creation not just end product?
  5. Much appreciated for the feedback. I'll look into the blade tongs, and I have considered the rebar weld, but I don't have anything to tack weld things into place with as of yet. I'll have to be pestering all of you in the weeks and years to come!
  6. 'Ello all, I just joined up litterally last night after reading something in another topic on Damascus of 6150 and L6, but anyways back to the focus. I'm just starting out, I've got an old ugly Anvil thats got a half way servicable working surface, and waiting a few more days to snag one of the Chili forge Tobasco forges. For all intents and purposes I want to forge knives, tomahawks, spear heads, and eventually swords. As a over all suggestion, what kind of tong would you use if you could only have one to work with for a while?
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